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Hydetown approves Main Street work


Hydetown Borough Council unanimously approved for road work to be done on portions of Main Street by Suit-Kote on the condition that the initially proposed bid price doesn’t change.

At their meeting on Monday, council voted in favor of having Suit-Kote perform tar and chipping, as well as applying a coat of sealant, to the tune of $11,943.40. The company is proposing to do 2,700 square yards of tar and chipping done on the road, while spreading sealant on a 10-foot-by-770-foot area of the street.

Initially, there was some concern among council members about whether the Hydetown Fire Department was going to hire Suit-Kote to do work on its parking lot. According to Council Vice President Craig Farrar, if the fire department didn’t also hire the company’s services, Suit-Kote might not come into down to fix the road or alter the price if they did.

However, as the fire department was between meetings, they hadn’t had a chance to look at Suit-Kote’s bid, much less vote on the matter, according to Hydetown Compliance Officer Dave Christy.

“I honestly don’t know,” Christy said when asked whether the fire department would likely approve the work. “They’ve talked about it for a couple years.”

Farrar suggested tabling the vote to the August meeting, well after the fire department would have decided. Council member Phil Myer proposed holding a special meeting later this month after the fire department’s meeting in order to make an immediate decision.

Council member Sam Ridgway asked why council didn’t wait for the grant-funded work Crawford County government is doing on the Route 408 corridor to reach Hydetown, rather than paying for the work themselves. However, Secretary-Treasurer Patricia Myer said that the county would be unable to do work on Hydetown until 2021.

Patricia Myer asked Christy what he thought of the price of the work. Christy said while he was initially surprised at how high of a quote Suit-Kote gave, he would support doing the work if the chance to do it again wouldn’t be until 2021. Council moved to vote in favor of awarding Suit-Kote the work, on the condition that their initial price didn’t change.

Patterson Road project

Daylighting work on Patterson Road, which will be funded through a larger grant project by the Crawford County Conservation District, is set to begin on Friday.

Patricia Myer announced that Baron Tree Service, which is contracted to do the work, set their date when they would begin trimming trees along the route as July 5.

North Rock Construction Company had said they also wanted to start their half of the project this weekend. However, Patricia Myer said the Conservation District wanted the daylighting done first before moving on to the rest of the work.

The Patterson Road project is made possible through a $140,000 grant from the Conservation District, and will see extensive renovations on the road, including improved drainage.


meeting news

The young children’s swing-set in Hasbrouck Park is currently broken, as announced by Christy. He said the pipe that holds the swings broke off on one side and that he will need to perform some welding to fix it. In the meantime, the swings have been wrapped up around the top bar, and residents shouldn’t unwrap or use the swings. Christy said he would try to get the swings fixed either today or Wednesday.

Council voted to ask Walsh’s Construction, which owns the bridge on Main Street, to perform mowing work around the structure at the urging of Ridgway.

“It must be their responsibility to keep that eminent domain property in a reasonable state, in my opinion,” Ridgway said, referring to the fact the company claimed ownership of the bridge two years ago through eminent domain.

The next meeting of Hydetown Borough Council will take place on Aug. 5, at 7 p.m., at the Hydetown Fire Hall.

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