'Elf Jr.' dress rehearsal

The Titusville Drama Club will be putting on a production of 'Elf Jr.,' a stage version of the popular film 'Elf,' on Thursday and Friday, at 7 p.m., at Colestock Auditorium. Tickets are available at the door, and all proceeds will benefit the THS Drama Club and its trip to see 'Cinderella,' in Pittsburgh.

Fans of the popular holiday movie, “Elf,” can catch a live version of this holiday favorite on Thursday and Friday when the Titusville High School Drama Club puts on a production of “Elf Jr.” 

The play is a more family friendly version of Elf, which follows the tale of Buddy the Elf, who was raised in the North Pole by Santa Claus after crawling into Santa’s sack. 

After discovering that he has human parents, Buddy sets out on a quest to find his real dad in New York City, and runs into all kinds of adventure along the way. 

While he struggles to get accustomed to city life, getting to know his younger step-brother, and catching the attention of his new crush, Jovie, he makes sure to keep spreading holiday cheer. 

The cast consists of 15 members, including all high school students and one sixth grader. Playing Buddy is Brant Enright, while Kate Daugherty plays Jovie; Jeremiah Mohnkern plays Santa; Nathanial Mohnkern plays Walter Hobbs; Leah Endres plays Emily Hobbs; J.D. Colie plays Michael Hobbs; and Caleb Smith, Christine Sonnenberg, Tatyanna Schmidt, Abigail Vinson, Mary-Kay Masiker, Kassidee Szympruch, Emily Niedbala, Wyatt Duncan, and Ian Scmidt make up the ensemble. 

The production is directed by Andrea Fenske, Kevin Vinson, and the Drama Club advisors. 

While the plot line doesn’t stray far from the film version, Fenske said there are a few differences, including musical numbers that are not present in the film. 

“We hear more about Buddy’s story, but overall it follows the story pretty well,” she said. “It’s just a little bit different for the stage.” 

The production is a fundraiser for the Drama Club, which will use the proceeds to attend a production of “Cinderella,” in Pittsburgh. 

The idea to use this particular play for the fundraiser, according to Fenske, was made because she hoped to get the community into the holiday spirit. 

“I think Buddy is very animated,” she said. “There’s some very comical scenes and some interesting songs that are brought to it to add to the plot for the musical version. Because it’s a fundraiser, I would hope that we fill the house, but the choice of the show was so we could bring some holiday cheer to the community.” 

The show will be held on Thursday and Friday, at 7 p.m., at Colestock Auditorium. Tickets will be available at the door for a fee. 

Dodd can be reached by email, at ndodd@titusvilleherald.com.

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