Roaring to life

Students from the Titusville Middle School practice a scene from their latest production — Disney's The Lion King Jr. The show is based on the 1994 Disney film and the Broadway prodcution. Young Simba, played by Lance Enright, left, looks up to father Mufasa, played by Sam Ruot, as other cast members look on. The show will run from Thursday to Saturday.

Titusville middle school students will bring this year’s musical, Disney’s The Lion King Jr., roaring to life.

The students will take the stage, on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday to put on the 60-minute musical, with all performances starting at 7 p.m.

The Lion King Jr. is based on the Broadway production and the 1994 Disney film.

It is billed as a show telling the story of the epic adventures of a curious cub named Simba, as he struggles to accept the responsibilities of adulthood and his destiny as king.

The role of young Simba will be played by Lance Enright, and the role of Simba will be played by Creedence Barlog.

Along the way, the young lion encounters a cast of characters, including lioness Nala, played by Kat Henderson when she is young and Olivia Schuster when she is older, meerkat Timon, played by Olivia Samonsky, and warthog Pumbaa, played by Katie Kinney.

To claim his rightful place on the throne and save his beloved pridelands, Simba must find his inner strength and confront his Uncle Scar, played by David Hauptman.

Lionesses, hyenas, and other ensemble members help to round out the cast.

The show features classic songs “Hakuna Matata” and “Can You Feel the Love Tonight,” in addition to its Broadway production songs.

Titusville music teacher Stephanie Cicero will direct the cast of approximately 51 students, with help from stage crew manager Gavin Griffin.

The show will be held at Colestock Auditorium.

There is a fee for tickets, which can be purchased at the door.

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