Winter Wonderland

Jeff Sterling and his older brother, Ralph Sterling Jr., hang out in the snowy wilderness on Dec. 18, 1937. The Sterling family has something of a history venturing out into the woods, with many members of the family taking part in hunting.

I was thinking about all the hunting my dad and I used to do when I was growing up. I got in my car and took a ride one evening to check out our old hunting spots and I couldn’t believe it! Just about every place we used to hunt has a house built on it now.

It was kind of funny because I drove by our favorite old deer crossing out in East Troy. Now, mind you, this is in broad daylight and there is a beautiful house setting on our crossing.

I thought I was going to bust a gut laughing because there were probably 20 or 25 deer in the front yard. I couldn’t help but think, “Man, this is still a good deer crossing.”

If I started hunting again, I wouldn’t even know where to go. I’d probably shoot holes in someone’s house trying to get a deer that’s in their front yard making faces at me.

The gun that I always used for small game was a double barrel 20 gauge shotgun. My grandpa Sterling originally bought it for his son, Junior, to hunt with in 1935.  

My dad was telling me a story about using that 20 gauge to hunt with one day up behind the station on grandpa’s farm. He had his rabbit dog , and he said he was the best rabbit dog he had ever seen. Dad said they weren’t out very long and his dog kicked a rabbit out of a brush pile. He pulled that shotgun up to his shoulder and drew a bead on that rabbit. Then he slowly squeezed the trigger on that double barrel shotgun. Both barrels went off!

He got the rabbit, but he also shot his favorite hunting dog, which was right on that rabbit’s heels.

It’s such a good thing PETA wasn’t around back then. They would have had dad tried and fried before he got back home.

Come on out, pull up a bridge and sit a spell. We’ll swap some stories.

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A final thought

Happy November! This first weekend in November would be a good time to start the Thanksgiving month off right with maybe writing some “thank you” notes/cards to community helpers like fireman, police and teachers. I will bet that you can think of a lot more — maybe even do a few notes every weekend in November. Then, after writing a few notes together, maybe the family could have some good nutritious snacks (November is good nutrition month) and watch a movie together. Don’t forget to go to church together as a family tomorrow.

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What a horrible story! There is nothing funny about a canine getting shot!

You do know little children are reading these stories? For shame. Just unacceptable.

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