Good morning, everyone. One more week till and Christmas. As you celebrate with family and friends, remember the birth of our saviour.

VFD news

Tonight, at 6:30 the monthly VFD training meeting will be held. Last week at the monthly meeting was election of officers for 2018. The officers for 2018 are: President Jim Waugh, First Vice President Guy Milliron, Second Vice President Heather Proper-VanValkenberg, Secretary Charlene Armstrong, Treasurer-Don Deliman, also a five year Trustee Austin Armstrong. There will be one more turkey shoot on Tuesday. Doors will open at 5:30, and shooting will begin when 10 shoots are full. The kitchen will be open.

Remember to keep the wreath green.


the wreath green

A green Christmas wreath has been hung in front of the Cherrytree Township VFD and, once again, the Cherrytree Township VFD is challenging the residents of Cherrytree Township to Keep the Wreath Green through the Christmas Season. During the holiday season, if there is a structure fire in Cherrytree Township, a red bulb will replace a green bulb in our wreath. It is the township’s goal to keep the wreath green until Jan. 2.

So far we have kept the wreath green.


The December meeting was opened by Pam with the TOPS and KOPS pledges. Seven members signed in and seven stayed for the meeting. The group had six TOPS and one KOP. The group had a loss of 3/4 pounds. Jackie was the high TOPS loser and Debbie was the high KOPS loser.

Angel won the menu drawing. Debbie won the encouragement basket. The quarter fund rolled over to next week. The challenge for the week was to drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day or pay 25 cents each day you don’t.

The program was an article read by Angel from the group’s current TOPS News magazine.

In January, the group is going to start the mileage program again. Please think where you would like to go.

Next week will be our last meeting for this year. The first meeting of the new year will be Jan. 8.

Please keep in mind you can avoid gaining weight during the holiday season by planning ahead. Don’t skip a meal to save calories for the office party or a gathering with family and friends. This will lead to making poor food choices and over eating. Having a low calorie snack ahead of time will reduce hunger and help avoid over eating.

The meeting was closed by Pam with the closing pledge and prayer circle.

Titusville TOPS meets on Monday evenings at  First United Methodist Church, located at 203 W. Walnut St., in Titusville. Weigh in is from 5:15 till 6 p.m. The meeting starts at 6. Anyone interested is welcome to attend.

Area happenings

Christmas display and Santa at the Holiday at Burgess light display will be held Friday and Saturday evenings, from 6 to 8 through the end of the year.


Congratulations to John and Karla Ohl. John and Karla were married 52 years ago on Dec. 17. If you see them wish them a belated happy anniversary. May God continue to bless them.


A couple of recipes for Dips for you Holiday get togethers.

Bacon cheddar dip

Ingredients: 2 cups sour cream

1 cup finely shredded cheddar cheese

1 package ranch salad dressing mix

2-4 bacon strips, cooked and crumbled

Crackers and/or assorted fresh vegetables

Directions: In a large bowl, combine sour cream, cheddar cheese and salad dressing mix with bacon pieces. Cover and refrigerate for at least 1 hour. Serve with crackers and/or vegetables

Cherry cheesecake dip

Ingredients: 8 ounces regular or fat-free cream cheese, softened

10 oz. Non-dairy whipped topping

1 cup plain non-fat Greek yogurt

½ cup fat-free sweetened condensed milk

21-ounce can premium cherry pie filling

Directions: Beat together cream cheese and whipped topping until well combined. Mix in Greek yogurt and sweetened condensed milk until combined. Spread into an 8-by-8-inch dish. Top with cherry pie filling Chill in refrigerator for 1 hour. Serve with graham crackers, vanilla wafers, pretzels, or other desired dippers. Serves 18.

Dill weed dip

Ingredients: 3 cups Hellman’s real mayonnaise

3 cups sour cream

1 teaspoon garlic salt

1 teaspoon onion salt

2 teaspoon lemon juice

3 teaspoon accent

2 tablespoon dill weed

Directions: Mix all of the ingredients well and serve.

Helpful hints

— Spray wd40 on a cloth and wipe over leather shoes or leather boots , then buff with a soft clean cloth to shine and make them waterproof.

— To make nail polish stay on nails longer first coat fingernails with white vinegar using a cotton ball. Let dry then apply nail polish. To quickly dry nail polish dip fingers into a bowl of cold water. Then shake access water from hands and allow hands to air dry.

— A little olive oil and enough sugar to make a paste make a nice facial scrub. Gently massage onto face avoiding eye area then rinse with warm water. This can also be used on hands.

— Witch Hazel is a great facial cleanser and toner.

 — Baby shampoo is not only gentle for babies hair, but can also be used by adults for soft shiny hair.

 — To clean oil based paint off of your hands, use vegetable oil. Then wash hands with warm soapy water. 


— What’s the most dangerous part of a motorcycle? The nut that connects the seat to the handlebar.

— My email password has been hacked. That’s the third time I’ve had to rename the cat.

— Artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity.


in prayer

Mary Moore and Molly, Steve Reed, Paul Henderson, Evelyn McKee, Ann Wade, Ed Holzschuh, Paul Atkinson, Vickie Waugh, Kayla Johnson, Randy Zimmerman, and Gene and Shirly Solinger.

Community churches

— Breedtown Baptist. Pastor Ward Beers. 827-9331. Sunday school, 9:45 a.m.; church service, 11. Wednesday evening Bible study and prayer service, 6 p.m.

— Resurrection Baptist Church. Pastor Jim Waugh. 827-0370. Family Sunday school, 10:30 a.m.; Sunday preaching, 11; evening service, 6. Wednesday prayer service, 6 p.m.

— Open Door Baptist. Pastor Josh Welton. (814) 677-0448. Sunday school, 9:45 a.m.; Sunday worship service, 11; evening service, 7. Wednesday Bible study, 7 p.m.

— Cherrytree Evangelical United Methodist. The Rev. Laurajane Stone. (814) 671-4239. Sunday worship 10 a.m.; Sunday school, 11:15.

God bless.

“The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.” — 1 Thessalonians 5:28

If you would like to submit any news items, birthdays, anniversaries, or have any ideas for this column, please contact Charlene Armstrong, at or (814) 493-1488.

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