Hydetown school

The ‘new’ Hydetown school, as it appeared in The Titusville Herald in January, 1956

Well, here we are moving into “Septober” already and it won’t be long before Hydetown transforms into a reddish-orange leaf factory. It’s a beautiful time of the year with all the fall colors and I love pumpkin candles and pumpkin coffee!

For those who know my wife, then you know she decorates the house for every season.She has already started decorating for fall. She does a fantastic job and she definitely keeps life interesting, and that’s pretty good after a 100 years of wedded bliss! I’ll tell ya, when I walk in the house and yell, “Lucy, I’m home!” I never know what’s going to happen next! She watches too much “I Love Lucy!” But in spite of the “Lucy-syndrome,” I couldn’t ask for a better wife.

And with the month of “Septober,” the schools are back in swing. My wife and I sat on the front porch and watched the teachers and kids! We felt sorry for all of them having to wear those masks. The kids didn’t seem happy and they weren’t playing like they used to. It has to be awful hard on all of them. I have been praying that someone would come up with a solution to this whole mess soon!

I remember back probably about 1956, we were moved into the new Hydetown school and we just started a new year. We were probably into the second or third week of September.

I could look out my classroom window and see across my Grandpa’s farmland, which is now Hasbrouck’s Sand and Gravel. I looked out the window one day and saw nothing but smoke! I jumped up and told my teacher, Mrs. Atwater, that I had to go help Grampa! I couldn’t believe it! She let me go.

I grabbed my coat, went out the door and ran down the hall to cousin Ralph’s room. I jumped up and down in the door window waving my arms trying to get Ralph’s attention. I didn’t get his attention but I did get the teacher’s. I explained the situation to her and, to my surprise, she let Ralph go with me.

We ran out of the school, across the road, down a little ravine, and across the railroad tracks into Grandpa’s field. We went up the hill until we found Grandpa and Uncle Ed fighting the grass fire. The first thing they said was, “What are you boys doing out of school?” We said, “Well, we wanted to help you fight the fire and our teachers said it was okay.” Ralphie and I both took our coats off to beat the flames with them. Gramps and Uncle Ed both had tractors and they were ditching around the flames.

I remember Gramps and Uncle Ed trying to brag Ralphie and I up for skipping out of school to help them fight the fire.

Our mothers were mad at all four of us! Number one, we didn’t let them know where we were after school. And number two, Ralphie and I both ruined our brand new school jackets.

Ralph and I decided firefighting wasn’t worth it if our mothers were going to yell at us all the time!

Come on out, pull up a bridge. We’ll sit a spell and swap stories.

Church schedules

Hydetown Baptist Church: Pastor Jeff Sterling. Sunday: 9:30 a.m., Sunday school; 11, Worship service. Wednesday, 6:15 p.m., Prayer focus group; 7. Bible study and Prayer. All are welcome.

Sunday swermon: “Do One to Others” Matthew 18: 21-35

Hydetown area residents can tune their radios to 90.3 FM on Sunday to hear the entire Worship service at 11 a.m. Folks are also invited to come to Hydetown, park their cars and hear the service live on their car radios at 90.3 FM. The service can be heard for up to three miles in every direction from the church.

— Hydetown United Methodist Church: Pastor Richard Foland. Sunday: 9:45 a.m., Worship service. Tuesday: 1-3 p.m., Bible study.

A final word

“America was not built on fear. America was built on courage, on imagination and unbeatable determination to do the job at hand.” — Harry S. Truman

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