“And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them that are called according to His purpose.”

Sometimes terrible things happen and we don’t understand why. Later on, people may see good that came out of a bad situation, but often we don’t. That’s when we have to trust and go on believing.

As a teenager in England, William Booth went to work for a pawnbroker. At age 15, he had a religious experience and became a revivalist preacher.

Later he became a preacher for the Methodist New Connection. After a few years, he and his wife left there and began an independent ministry.

He wasn’t looking for prestige or money. Booth loved people and had a profound pity for outcasts and the way they had to live.

In 1864, he went to London and started a Christian Mission, with its orders and regulations modeled after the British Army. Booth’s Mission became known as the Salvation Army.

There was much opposition, some violent, and Booth and his followers were fined or imprisoned for breaking the peace.

In time, those who opposed and ridiculed Booth realized the good results he was getting. He became a great figure in England, and when he came to America, those in authority encouraged his work.

In later years, General Booth was told he was going blind and the doctors could do nothing more for him. He couldn’t have been happy about it, but he didn’t feel sorry for himself. He said, “God must know best. I have done what I could do for Him and the people with my eyes. Now I shall do what I can for God and the people without my eyes.”

Booth trusted God and had faith no matter what happened. No wonder his work was so successful.

The Salvation Army is still recognized as a fine and vital organization.

Too often, things go wrong and we ask “why me?” Maybe the question should be “why not me?”

If you believe what Paul wrote to the Romans — “All things work together for good” — it doesn’t matter what happens, you will be able to face it and go on with life. Faith sustained General Booth and faith can get you through life too.                                                  

When you face obstacles too tall to climb, ask God for wings of faith to help you.


Some people live a long, healthy life and leave this world at a “ripe, old age.” Others seem to spend most of their life struggling with medical or other issues before they die. Some are taken before they even have a chance to start life and it doesn’t seem fair. But whether the life is long or short, that person is missed and mourned and we have to leave them in God’s hands.

— Sympathy goes to the family of Diane Crawford who passed away on Jan. 31, 2021 in Florida. The former Diane Tarr, daughter of Ann and Ralph Tarr, grew up in Pleasantville and graduated from Pleasantville High School in 1959. She married Dennis Crawford and they raised three sons, Curt, Harold and Howard. The boys all live in Pleaantville. Diane and Dennis were active members of the Pleasantville Free Methodist Church for many years. After retiring, they moved into a cottage at the Free Methodist Campgrounds for the summer and spent their winters in Florida. May God give comfort and strength to Diane’s family.

— Sympathy goes to the family of Ron Wagner, who passed away on Wednesday, Feb. 3, in South Carolina. Ron was the son of Helen and Leon Wagner Sr. They had six children. The Wagner family lived in the Shamburg area at one time and then moved to Jerusalem Corners. Ron graduated from Pleasantville High School in 1969, the last graduating class. Ron has two daughters and six grandchildren. He is also survived by one brother, Richard, who lives in Titusville, and a sister, Linda Misky, who lives in South Carolina. May God give comfort and peace to Ron’s family.   

— Sympathy also goes to the famiy of Joan Smith who died on Friday, Feb. 5, in Pittsburgh. Joan, the daughter of Ada and Everell Gifford, graduated from Titusville High School and Clarion State College. She married Bill Smith, of Titusville, and they spent most of their life in Pleasantville. Joan and Bill had two children, Craig and Valerie. Joan taught english and social studies at Pleasantville High School. When Pleasantville and Titusville schools merged, she taught at Titusville High School. Those who lived near her considered her a good neighbor and a good friend. She would go out of her way to help someone in need. After retiring, Joan and Bill moved to Florida. Bill died in 2005 and Joan later moved to Pittsburgh to be near her son. Joan will long be remembered for her sense of fun, her loving ways and her kindness. May God give comfort and strength to her family.

Recent events

— For many people the Super Bowl was the big thing last weekend. Many people spent Sunday evening watching Super Bowl LV. Some were happy when the game ended and some weren’t. The Tampa Bay Buccanners won 31-9 in Tampa.

— For some organizations, the day began with the Souper Bowl Day of Caring. People gave donations to be given to a local charity. Thanks to all who participated.


Pleasantville TOPS met on Thursday eveing at the Pleasantville Community Church with six weigh-ins and a total weight loss of 3 1/2 pounds. There were four KOPS and three TOPS. The top loser was Sherree.

The challenge is: No eating after 8 p.m. The positive thought is: “Did you do your menu?”

Loretta’s menu was chosen and she won the 25-cent fund. The 50/50 rolled over.

Conditions permitting, TOPS will meet on Thursday at the church, with weigh-in from 5:30 to 6 p.m. The meeting will begin at 6. Awards will be presented and there will be a prize auction. Anyone interested is welcome to attend. For more information, call Cathy at (814) 589-7162.

Church schedules

Many church schedules are still “off schedule.” Some churches are just having services online and others are meeting but are set up for radio or online services. Most of those that are meeting encourage wearing masks and social distancing.

— Enterprise Methodist Church, Pastor Penny Helmbold - Sunday, Transfiguration Day, 9 a.m., worship; 10:15, Sunday school. Tuesday, 6:30 p.m., Bible study.

— Faith Community Church, Rev. Jerry Drake - Sunday, 10 a.m., Sunday school; 11, worship.

— Pleasantville Community, Rev. Shawn Jacobson - Sunday, 9:30 a.m., Sunday school; 10:45, worship; 4:45 p.m., Young adults; 6, Youth group. Tuesday, 6 p.m., Men’s and Women’s Bible study.

— Pleasantville Presbyterian - Sunday, 10 a.m., worship, virtual.

— Pleasantville Methodist, Pastor Janet Sill - Sunday, 9:50, worship. Tuesday, 4:30 - 6:30 p.m., Pancake supper.

— Pleasantville Free Methodist Church, Rev. Chuck Riel - Sunday, 8 a.m., prayer; 9:45, Sunday school; 11, worship.

— Pleasantville Independent Baptist, Pastor Richard LaRocque - Sunday, 10 a.m., Sunday school; 11, worship.

— Full Gospel, Pastor Dave McCauley - Today, 6 p.m., Prayer and Bible study. Saturday, 10 a.m., Board meeting. Sunday, 10 a.m., Sunday school; 11, worship.

— Shamburg Christian Church of God, Pastor Fred Frye - Tonight, 6, Bible study on “What happens when life on earth ends?” Thursday, 5:30 p.m., Board meeting. Sunday, 9:45 a.m., worship; 11:15 Sunday school.

— Grand Valley Methodist Church, Pastor Penny Helmbold - Sunday, Transfiguration Day, 10:30 a.m., worship.

Scheduled events

— It’s that time of year again to file income tax. Free tax preparation assistance through the AARP Tax-Aide program is being offered again this year at the Titusville Health and Aging Center. The service will be a little different.

With health and safety a top priority, this year’s program limits in-person interactions between volunteers and taxpayers.

Taxpayers will make two short visits to the center to exchange information and documents. Taxpayers can schedule appointments by calling (814) 827-2188. This is a home phone.

More information on the process will be provided during the call.

— Students in the Titusville Area School District have an extra long weekend. There is no school on Friday, Feb. 12 or Monday, Feb. 15. Enjoy the days off.   

— We have four special days in a row this month. Sunday, Feb. 14 is Valentines’s Day. Do something special for that special someone in your life.

Many are still being careful about going out in public and that’s good, but there is something you can do to let that person know how much you care. Happy Valentine’s Day to all.

— Love INC will be having a drive-thru chicken and biscuits dinner on Sunday. Serving will be from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. You just drive in, order your dinners, pay for them, pick them up and leave. Love INC is located on Central Avenue in Titusville, beside Larry’s Auto Garage.

— George Washington was born on Feb. 22, 1732. He was a general during the Revolutionary War and he became the first president of the newly-formed United States of America. He was called the “Father of our Country.” Abraham Lincoln was born on Feb. 12, 1809. He became the 16th President and led the country during the Civil War. He welcomed all seceded states back, as if they had never left.

For many years, Feb. 12 and Feb. 22 were marked on calendars as special days. As time went on, more presidents were recognized for certain things. The government decided to have one day to remember all presidents. The third Monday in February has become known as Presidents’ Day.

Monday is Presidents’ Day and the banks, post offices and other government agencies will be closed. Most are scheduled to open at the regular time on Tuesday. Give thanks that we can vote for our president and our leaders and give thanks for the presidents who have made a big difference to you.

— The next day is Shrove Tuesday. Shrove comes from the word “shrive,” which refers to the confession of sins. During the Middle Ages that was a common practice in preparation for Lent. Eggs and fat were forbidden during Lent, so many people had pancakes or donuts on Shrove Tuesday because they could not eat them again until Easter.

— The Pleasantville Methodist Church will have their Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper on Tuesday evening, with serving from 4:30 to 6:30 in the church social hall. It includes all the pancakes and sausage you can eat for a donation. Gluten-free pancakes will be available and dessert is also included. The hall will be set up for social distancing and masks are to be worn until seated. Takeouts will be available. To place an order for pick-up, call the church at (814) 589-7385 between 4:15 and 6.  

— The Second Harvest Mobile Food Pantry will be at the Pleasantville Fire Hall on Wednesday, Feb. 17. Those who pre-registered can pick up their food. boxes. There is no charge for the food boxes, but proof of residency is required. For more information or to register, call the Pleasantville Methodist Church at (814) 589-7385. If no one answers, leave your name, number and a message and someone will return your call.  

— Wednesday, Feb. 17 is also Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent. Pastor Penny Helmbold has planned an Ash Wednesday service for the three churches she serves. The Enterprise Methodist Church service will begin at 5 p.m., the Sanford church service will begin at 6 and the Grand Valley service will begin at 7. Plans are for all services to be drive-thru, with proper safety precautions. If it is too cold that day, people are asked to park and go inside the church for a walk-through service. For more information, call Pastor Penny.  

— Pleasantville Senior Citizens have not been meeting, but they are scheduled to begin the new year on Thursday, Feb. 18. They will meet at the Pleasantville Community Church. The doors will open at 10 a.m. for games and visiting. All interested seniors are welcome to attend. Dinner will be served at noon, but meals must be ordered by Monday. For more information or to order a meal, contact Martha Sparks.  

— The Pleasantville Fire Department will have itsfirst fish dinner of the season on Friday, Feb. 19. It will be takeout only. The meal will include fried or baked fish or chicken tenders, baked potato, French fries or macaroni and cheese, coleslaw or applesauce and a roll. Call the fire department at (814) 589-7635 from 1 to 6 p.m., to place your order. You can pick up your order from 4:30 to 7. The fire department will deliver within the borough.

— For several years, the Pleasantville Ministerium has had a special service in February called the Festival of Love. People from different churches participate, sharing their talents and giving their testimony. Even people from other areas attend. Due to the pandemic, the ministerium decided to have the festival but it will be virtual this year. Anyone who would like to participate can record a song, poem, reading or whatever they do and contact one of the ministers. The service will be Sunday, Feb. 21.

Military list

Our military list includes Kimberly Savitz, Kimberly Miles, Heather Luchka, Shy Lewis, Autumn Kinney, Bill Wencil, David Vroman, Trey Tanner, Cody Sterling, Lucas Savitz, Ben Nosko, Andrew Moranski, Ben Lewis, Austin Kinney, Josh Jacobson, Jacob Hart, Dalton Burns, Jay Bowes and Austin Foster.

Prayer list

Continue to remember those who have been affected by coronavirus. Consider getting the vaccine when it becomes available to you. We pray that the situation in our area and all over the country - and the world - will get better and 2021 will be a good year. Our prayer list includes Elwin Van Cise, Paul Thompson, David Weber, Maxine Brandon, Faith Francis, Bob Stewart, Peter Weis, Dick Jones, Lanny Pollard, Lloyd Jackson, Lenora Wencil, Jami Wencil, Mary Ann Kopper, Richard Kinney, Mike Firster, Kay Seeley, Gary Fratus, Martha Thompaon, Sue Wagner, and Audrey Walters.

Birthday list

Mrs. Pauline Ongley will be celebrating 90 years on Feb. 16. The former Pauline Dean grew up in the Pleasantville area and attended Pleasantville School. She married Alfred Ongley and they had seven children, five girls and two boys. Mr. Ongley died, and a few years ago, a daughter died, but the other children still live in surrounding areas, near their mother. Mrs. Ongley  attends the Christian & Missionary Alliance Church in Spartansburg regularly. She likes to keep busy and enjoys tying quilts and doing puzzle books. She is always busy with some project. Cards can be sent to her at: 7176 Oil Creek Road, Grand Valley, Pa. 16420. The community wishes her a very happy birthday and may God bless her with a great year.

Birthday greetings this week go to Billy Miller, Carol Brooks and Chrissy McKermen on Feb. 11, Ben Reed, Patty Smith and Tim Foster on Feb. 14, Samantha Edwards, Missy Eccls, Juanite Gilson, Bodey Nicols and Dan Sliker on Feb. 15, Pauline Ongley, Rachel Baker, Darlene Perry, Pauline Craker and Brenda Romanizsyn on Feb. 16 and Paula Beard, Betty Ann Lillie and B. J. Frost on Feb. 20.


Happy anniversary to Val and Bruce Thomas on Feb. 12 and Althene and John Wright on Feb. 14.

May everyone have a wonderful day.

Nancy Mulvin can be reached at  (814) 516-3787.

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