“He lives! He lives! Christ Jesus lives today.”

Those words were sung in many churches on Sunday. On Friday we remembered the crucifixion of Jesus. Not guilty of any charges, he died a horrible death on the cross.  

Those who loved Him, who believed in Him, even those who followed Him didn’t understand what had happened. They didn’t understand that He died for the sins of all mankind.

They thought the life of their Friend was over. His body was put in a tomb, covered by a huge stone and guarded by soldiers. On Sunday morning, Mary Magdalene and her friends went to the tomb to prepare the body. They wondered who would move the stone for them, but when they arrived, the stone had been moved.

They looked in and the body was gone. Then angels came and told them, “He is not here, but is risen.”

They hurried back to tell the apostles, but it was unbelievable. Peter and John hurried to the tomb. John stopped at the entrance, but Peter boldly went in.

The cloths covering Jesus were there, but the body was gone. Mary was the first to actually see the risen Savior. In her state, she thought He was the gardener, but when He spoke her name, she knew Him.

She hurried back and told the apostles she had seen and spoken to Jesus. He was alive! That evening, when the apostles were shut off in a room, Jesus appeared. He was alive and He gave them a mission.

Jesus spent 40 days on earth seeing and talking to people. He would suddenly appear in a room and He showed up when He wasn’t expected. He gave His apostles a message — to spread the good news. All people were invited to join Him in heaven.

Sunday was Easter, the day to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. He arose and He still wants each of us to share our life with Him.

The chorus of that song continues “He walks with me and talks with me, along life’s narrow way.”

Jesus loves you and if you let Him into your heart, you will feel His presence and know what He wants you to do. He will never leave you and will be there for you. You will still have problems, disappointments, sorrow —  that is life. But when you let Him in your heart, you know that no matter how bad things are, He will be with you and it will be all right.  

The following was on a church bulletin: 1 cross + 3 nails = 4-given


— Sympathy goes to the family of Ann Cartney, of Titusville. The former Anna Seeley grew up in Enterprise with 21 brothers and sisters. She attended Enterprise School. Ann married the late Michael Cartney and they raised four children; Michael, Thomas, Steven and Gregory. She was well-known in the area. Ann was an active member of the YMCA for years and was often seen walking around Titusville. She was friendly and pleasant to all, and she was a good neighbor, often providing cookies, candy and other homemade products. She was an active member of the Enterprise Methodist Church for many years. May God give comfort and peace to her family and all who will miss her.

— Sympathy also goes to the family of Wendy Hamilton who passed away on  April 17, 2022, at her home in Hydetown. Wendy was the daughter of the late Alice and Noland Madden. She graduated from Titusville High School and then worked many years in the cafeteria for the Titusville School District. Wendy married Jim Hamilton and they raised three children; Levi, Shalyn and Zachry. Wendy has many relatives in the area. May God give strength and comfort to her family.

Recent events

— Earlier this month, Debbie and Paul Thompson’s daughter, Amanda, and her daughter, Rowan Faith, flew from California to Pittsburgh.

At the airport, she rented a blue Camaro and headed for Enterprise. The Thompson family was delighted to see Amanda and Rowan. A party had been planned for Rowan’s birthday, and it was held on April 9 at the Family Life Center behind the Shamburg Church.

The theme was “Rowan’s Enchanted Castle,” based on a new movie, “Encanto-Disney.” Rowan was a princess for a day and her cousins, Lexi and Kendell also wore gowns.

The room was well-decorated. One wall said, “Once upon a time ...” with a mirror on either side. Rowan’s cake was on a table below. It had a large king’s crown with a candle # 3 on top, and on each side were racks of decorated cupcakes.

On another wall, the family had strung character pictures from the movie. There were huge balloons with different characters on them. In another area, there were 35 balloons — blue, pink, green, purple and yellow.

The food table consisted of chicken, taco salad, vegetable and fruit trays, beans, pistachio pudding and other different foods.

When Rowan opened her gifts, she pulled out all kinds of clothes. She held up a little nightgown that was so pretty. She opened a few more things, then pulled out another nightgown. She took it over to her cousin, Lexi and said, “Here, Lexi. You can have this one.” Everyone laughed, and Lexi said, “No, Rowan. It’s your birthday.”

The little girls’ great Gramma, Martha Thompson, said, “What a great day to have Amanda and Rowan home. God is so good. Amanda made the trip home and back okay, and everyone enjoyed the time we all had with her.”

— The Enterprise Methodist Church had a Maundy Thursday service last week which included the Jewish Passover Seder Meal.

Pastor Penny Helmbold tried to duplicate the service as much as possible, explaining what would be done and why.

The evening began with a “chametz search.” Before Passover, the Jewish people were to remove all chametz (yeast products) from their home. The products were taken to the priest, sold and could be bought back after Passover.

Four yeast products had been hidden in the church and it didn’t take long for the participants to find them.

Everyone had a copy of the ceremony so they knew what to say and when. A candle was lit and everyone joined together to say the blessing.

The meal began with Kiddish on wine (grape juice). Everyone received a small glass of juice, an explanation was given followed by the blessing. Everyone was to lean to their left to drink it — this showed they were no longer slaves, but free.

The urchatz was the hand washing and then the meal actually began, with an explanation for each thing. Karpas was to eat a vegetable and everyone had parsley dipped in salt water. Yachatz was to break a matzah — the bread of poverty.

There were four questions, the first being “What makes tonight (passover) different from every other night?” Those present took turns reading different parts of the ceremony.

There was a wine spilling ceremony, which refers to the plagues of the Egyptians. An explanation was given for each item, why it was served and what it meant.

Everyone had a piece of a hardboiled egg dipped in salt water.  Since no one there was Jewish, a modern tureen dinner was served with chicken, stuffing, coleslaw and other items.

When they were through, they had the Afikoman, which was the last piece of the matzah, representing the Passover sacrifice. Nothing was to be eaten the rest of the night.

There was a time of singing, blessings and giving thanks. It was a an interesting ceremony and very appropriate for Maundy Thursday.

— A Community Good Friday service, sponsored by the Pleasantville Ministerium, was held on Friday evening at the Full Gospel Church at Jerusalem Corners.  Host Pastor Dave McCauley gave the welcome and Pastor Fred Frye, from the Shamburg Church led the service. It began with the congregation singing “The Old Rugged Cross.”  Tara Alberth and Amie Beard from the Shamburg Church sang the “Easter Halleluhah Song,” then Cindy Walters from the Full Gospel Church sang “Whisper Mine” and Ed Spangler sang a solo.

 Joe Kovach from the Pleasantville Methodist Church played special music on the piano. Nate Licht sang, then Tara and Nate sang “There Was Jesus.” Nate and Randy Frye sang “Amazing Grace, My Chains are Gone.”

Pastor Jerome Alsdorf from the Methodist Church and Pastor Chuck Riel from the Free Methodist Church read scripture. Rev. Shawn Jacobson from the Pleasantville Community Church gave the message. People in the congregation gave testimonies. Pastor Dave gave the closing prayer.

— The Pleasantville Methodist Church had special music for their Easter service. The Keith Klingler family and Marilyn Henderson sang “We Will Rise.” For the children’s message, the angel choir sang “It’s a Happy Day.” Pastor Jerome Alsdorf’s message was “The Resurrection.”

— The Shamburg Christian Church of God had special music Sunday morning. Randy Frye served as pianist that morning, and also provided some special music, playing and singing. A music video about the death of Jesus was shown. The main words were “It’s Friday ...  they don’t know Sunday’s coming.” Pastor Fred spoke about the resurrection. At the end of the service, Randy played and sang and his father, Pastor Fred Frye, joined him in singing “I Will Rise.”


Pleasantville TOPS met Thursday evening at the Pleasantville Community Church with seven weigh-ins and a total weight loss of 1 1/2 pounds. There were four TOPS and three KOPS, with Kathy as the top loser.

The challenge is: Watch your portions. The positive thought was: “Did you eat fast food?”

Kathy’s menu was chosen, Janet won the 25-cent fund and 50/50 rolled over.

TOPS will have weigh-in from 5:30 to 6 p.m. on  Thursday at the church and the meeting will begin at 6. There will be a silent auction and awards will be presented. For more information, contact Cathy at (814) 589-7162.  

Church schedules

— Enterprise Methodist Church, Pastor Penny Helmbold - Saturday, 8:30 a.m., Men’s Breakfast (Saegertown). Sunday, Sweets Day, 9 a.m., worship; 10:15, Sunday school. Tuesday, 6:30 p.m., Bible study.

— Faith Community Church, Pastor Ralph Walters - Sunday, 10 a.m., Sunday school; 11, worship.

— Pleasantville Community Church, Rev. Shawn Jacobson - Sunday, 9:30 a.m., Sunday school; 10:45, worship; 6 p.m., Youth Group. Tuesday, Men’s and Women’s Bible study.

— Pleasantville Presbyterian  - Sunday, 9:30 a.m., worship with guest speaker Ward Beers.

— Pleasantville Methodist, Pastor Jerome Alsdorf  - Sunday, 10:30 a.m., worship. Tuesday, Pastor Jerome at church.

— Pleasantville Free Methodist, Rev. Chuck Riel - Tonight, 6:30, Prayer meeting. Sunday, 8, prayer; 9:45, Sunday school; 11, worship.

— Full Gospel, Pastor Dave McCauley - Sunday, 9:45 a.m., Sunday school; 11, worship.  

— Shamburg Christian Church of God, Pastor Fred Frye - Tonight, 6 p.m., Bible study on Luke. Sunday, 9:45 a.m., worship.

— Grand Valley Methodist, Pastor Penny Helmbold - Thursday, 9 a.m., Bible study; 5:30 p.m.,Kids’ Club. Sunday, 10 a.m., Sunday school; 11,  worship; 6 p.m. Youth group.

Scheduled events

— The Second Harvest Mobile Food Pantry will be at the Pleasantville Fire Hall this morning. Those who registered may pick up their food boxes from 10 to 11 a.m. at the fire hall. There is no charge for the food boxes, but proof of residency is reguired. Thanks to the Pleasantville Methodist Church for providing this service.

— Friday is Earth Day and each one of us should do what we can to protect our land. Don’t litter and if you see litter around your area, pick it up. Recycling is becoming more available. Don’t just throw everything away. If an item can be recycled, do that.

Some areas have individual recycling and the containers are emptied at the home, but other places have large areas where anyone can bring in items for recycling. If you are interested, and don’t know where to leave items, contact a supervisor in your area and ask them where you can take items to be recycled. If each of us does our part, we can make this a prettier and more healthy place to live.

— The Pleasantville Fire Department will meet at 6:30 on Thursday evening. Anyone interested is welcome to attend. The fire department will also be having another fish fry this Friday. Dinners will be served from 4 to 7 p.m. at the back window. The menu includes your choice of deep fried or baked fish or chicken nuggets, baked potato, French fries or macaroni and cheese, apple sauce or cottage cheese and a roll. To place an order, call (814) 589-7635, beginning at 1 p.m., on Friday. Dinners can be picked up from 4:30 to 7 p.m., and delivery is available in the borough at that time.

— The Pleasantville Methodist Church will have a spaghetti dinner on Wednesday, April 27 in the fellowship hall. The cost is donation. Serving will be from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. and dessert is included. Takeouts will be available.

— The Community Blood Bank will be at the Titusville YMCA from noon to 5 p.m. on Thursday, April 28. All blood is needed and anyone able is encouraged to donate. To make an appointment, call (814) 456-4206 or connect to FOURHEART’S.ORG.

— The Mom 2 Mom sale will be from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, May 7, at the Pleasantville Fire Hall. There will be clothes and items for babies, toddlers and children. The kitchen will be open. For more information or to participate, call Kayla Brown at (814) 758-4230. The sale benefits the festival committee.  

— The following Saturday, May 14, is Comedy Night at the fire hall. There will be three comedians entertaining with good, clean humor. The kitchen will be open.

— Are you house cleaning? It’s not too early to start getting ready for the Pleasantville Community Yard Sale which will be held Saturday, June 4. All area residents are encouraged to participate. The Pleasantville fire department auxiliary will have an indoor sale from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Friday and Saturday. If you would like to set up a table in the fire hall, call an auxiliary member.

Military list

Don’t forget those in the service. Our military list includes Jay Bowes, Dalton Burns, Sydney Callahan, Austin Foster, Jacob Hart, Josh Jacobson, Josiah Jacobson, Autumn Kinney, Austin Kinney, Samantha Lewis, Shy Lewis, Ben Lewis, Heather Luchka, Kimberly Miles, Andrew Moronski, Ben Nosko, Kimberly Savitz, Lucas Savitz, Cody Sterling, Trey Tanner, David Vroman, Bill Wencil and Noah Willis.

Prayer list

Our prayer list includes Lanny Pollard, Paul Thompson, Sandy Peterson, RIchard Kinney, Alice Jackson, Tammy Jones, Audrey Walters, Mary Ann Kopper, Martha Thompson, Billi Jo Fulton, Gary Fratus, Lenora Wencil and Jami Hillman. Remember our country, our leaders and the situation in Ukraine. God bless America and the world.

Birthday list

Happy birthday to Taylor Abrams and Connie McIntyre on April 21, Craig Peterson on April 22, Charlotte Cook, Rick Winger and Rusty Boyle, Jr. on April 24, Ron Wright on April 25 and Mary Burt, Helen Lewis and April Locke on April 27.

Anniversary list

Happy anniversary to Devone and Scott Pepple on April 24. May everyone have a wonderful day.

Nancy Mulvin can be reached at  (814) 516-5396.

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If you honestly believe that a person can die then come back to life you probably still believe in the Easter Bunny.

But, it is nice to see you blessed the WORLD and not just America.

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