I try so hard every week to keep my column lighthearted, especially with all the stuff that’s been going on. I will admit sometimes it’s hard with all the negativity, but we can change that!

Remember that dumb little song Bobby McFerrin sang back in 1988? It was called “Don’t Worry Be Happy,” and it won a Grammy award for the Song of the Year. I got sick of that song because they played it so much.

But, as much as you hated it, it made you feel good! It was one of those songs you couldn’t get out of your head after you heard it. You would walk around whistling it, humming it, singing it and smiling! Oh, I hated that song! It made me so happy!!!

Maybe we should shut the news off on our televisions and radios and start listening to some of these songs: “Don’t Worry Be Happy” or “It’s a Beautiful Morning” by The Rascals. I’m sure you can think of other ones that make you happy. Music is good therapy, and I think most of the world could use a little therapy right about now!

I don’t know, maybe I led a pretty sheltered life growing up in Hydetown. I just don’t remember this kind of violence and protesting when I was growing up.

I sit back and watch the trouble we’re having across the nation in our schools, and all the solutions they’ve tried but failed. There is only one solution, Get rid of the troublemakers! When you do that, you get rid of the trouble. And, don’t say you can’t do that because they need to be educated. They do not want to be educated! They just want to make trouble! If you leave them there then nobody gets an education. They need to put the responsibility where it belongs. It’s the parents’ job to train their own children to show common respect and behave decently. The school can only continue this job, but it’s the parents’ responsibility to teach their kids to obey and respect authority. If parents won’t do their job, the schools can’t do their job. It’s totally unfair to ask a teacher to do the parents’ job for them. Most behavior problems in our schools would be solved if school boards would get rid of the troublemakers.

One last question. Will we ever be happy again? It depends on who you focus on. 

Come on out, pull up a bridge, we’ll sit a spell and swap some stories.

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— Hydetown United Methodist Church: Pastor Dean Cooney. Sunday: 9:30 a.m., Worship Service


A final word

Happy Father’s Day to all the men. I hope you have a fun and memorable Father’s Day weekend! Don’t forget to attend church tomorrow to worship God, The Father as a family.


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