Coming up on Sunday, July 25 at 4 p.m., the Hydetown Baptist Church will be having the annual community picnic.

 Everyone in the surrounding area is welcome to come and join the fun! It will be at Hasbrouck Park, so come and be ready to have fun and fellowship with friends!

There will be plenty of good food! Tom Barnhart has been fattening up “Porky the Pig” for the last few months and I don’t think it was to make friends with him! I have a feeling that we’re all going to enjoy Porky very much!  I guess you might say Porky is going to be the “Guest of Honor.”

There will also be a bluegrass gospel band coming from Atlantic to play and sing for those who attend. They have fiddles and guitars, and they are a lot of fun to listen to. Some of you may have heard them when they were here before. They call themselves “Sound Witness.”

There will also be things for the children to do besides eating. There will be a place designated for children’s stuff. I believe Robin Sterling is one of the ones who will be doing kid stuff with the kids.  

Also, Chris Sterling, from the Hydetown Volunteer Fire Department, will be bringing one of the fire trucks over by the ballfield so kids can check them out.

We didn’t have the Community Picnic last year because of the pandemic. We are hoping this year will be very succesful and maybe we can add more next year.

In the past, we talked about adding a car cruise to it and I personally think it would be a great idea! I would like to hear from the cruisers out there to see if they would be interested.  It would be a Hydetown Community Car Cruise and Pig Roast. Get a hold of me and let me know your thoughts on the idea! Personally, I think it would be good for the whole Hydetown Community!

Come on out. Pull up a bridge and we’ll swap some stories!

Church schedules

— Hydetown Baptist Church: Pastor Jeff Sterling. Sunday: 9:30 a.m., Sunday school; 11, Worship service. Wednesday, 6:15 p.m., Prayer Focus Group;  7. Bible study and prayer. All are welcome.

Sunday Sermon: “Victory over Fear,” Psalm 56.

Hydetown area residents can tune their radios to 90.3 FM on Sunday to hear the entire Worship Service at 11. Folks are also invited to come to Hydetown, park their cars and hear the service live on their car radios. The service can be heard for up to three miles in every direction from the church.   

— Hydetown United Methodist Church: Pastor Richard Foland. Sunday:  9:45 a.m., Worship service.  Wednesday 3 – 5 p.m., Bible study.

A final word

You gotta love summer days and summer nights! This might be a good weekend for the family to catch some fireflies — amazing little creations of our Creator. Fireflies can be kept in a jar to watch for a couple of days, but be sure to let them go. They have a short lifespan and should enjoy their time in the wild.

Along with catching the flies, there are a lot of family-friendly books and websites for everyone to learn more about the bug. And, of course, you could top the activity off with a firefly snack made with a piece of pineapple, Ritz Crackers for wings and raisins for eyes!

Have a great weekend  and enjoy the fireflies, lightning bugs, glowworms or whatever you choose to call them. Don’t forget to go to church tomorow as a family.

Contact us

Jeff and Robin may be reached at (814) 775-0107 for anyone wanting to make positive contributions to this column.  People submitting news and activities are asked to limit the news and activities to those of the Hydetown area.

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