Its hard to believe that Valentine’s Day is coming up this coming Friday. It seems as though it was just Christmas and New Year. I am now finding that my Grandparents were right, time does go by faster, the older you get!

I remember back when I was in school we recognized a lot of historic events that they don’t pay any attention to today.

For example, there was no holiday called “President’s Day.” We observed Abraham Lincoln’s birthday on February 12th and George Washington’s on February 22nd. 

I had Mrs. Beasonson for a teacher at the old Hydetown School and she was a good one. We learned real history. We learned all about “Honest Abe” and the struggles he had on his way to the presidency. Many people don’t realize that Lincoln’s life was full of setbacks and failure until he won the presidency.

Then we have George Washington who is known as the “Father of Our Country.” If you ask the average young person on the street today they probably couldn’t tell you this about George Washington. As far as that goes they probably don’t know a lot of things about our first president. Washington and Lincoln were two of our greatest presidents and I’m not so sure the young kids know anything about them. Things were so wonderful at the old Hydetown School. 

Last year I think I told you the story about Valentine’s Day at the old Hydetown school. Some of you might remember taking a shoebox to school and decorating it for Valentine’s day. After it was all decorated you cut a slot in the top so kids could put cards in your box. Well, I never got too many! After I wrote that column my wife had me make a box like I made in school, so I did. Guess what? Still no cards!

Actually back when I was in first or second grade at Hydetown I wasn’t much of a Valentine type of a kid. That’s probably the big reason I didn’t get too many cards. I thought that romantic stuff was just a bunch of mush!

I was looking through some of my old pictures and I found some old Valentine’s Day pictures. The first one was dated Valentine’s Day 1917. That’s a picture of my Grandmother and Grandfather Sterling kissing in their side yard. That’s where Matt and Kim Burns live now. The second picture is dated Valentine’s Day 1948. The kissing couple is my Mother and Father. I can’t help but feel this may have paved the way for yours truly. Since this was February 1948 and I came into existence in November 1948. Well, that’s enough speculating. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


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— Hydetown Baptist Church: Pastor Jeff Sterling, Sunday 9:30 a.m., Sunday School; 11:00 a.m., Worship Service, Wednesday, 7:00 p.m., Prayer and Bible Study. All Are Welcome.

Sunday Sermon: “What Are You Preaching?” 2 Corinthians 4:1-5

— Hydetown United Methodist Church: Pastor Dean Cooney, Sunday, 9:45 a.m. Worship Service.


A final thought

This would be a good February weekend to beat cabin fever and go sled riding, make snow ice cream or have an indoor picnic complete with hot dogs and valentine cookies for dessert. It would also be a good time to make valentine crafts to deliver to some who may need cheered up this time of year. Whatever fun February family activities you do, don’t forget to go to church together as a family tomorrow.


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