I know many of you never even heard of the old McCurdy School. If you stay on State Route 408 out of Hydetown going toward Townville, that’s west. When you get to the top of the hill take the first dirt road to the right and the McCurdy School was about a quarter to a half mile out the Newtontown Road on the right. At least that’s what all the big kids told me. 

Now can you imagine Peggy Johnson, the school teacher at the McCurdy School? Did you see what her salary was? One dollar a week! It makes me wonder what my grandmother’s salary was when she taught at the Bogg Hollow School, because she didn’t have as many students. They had to be married or living with their parents to survive on a salary like that, even back then. The only one I remember from that picture is Floyd McCurdy.

Then back down the hill into good old Hydetown, we have the old Hydetown school. I don’t know how I ended up with so many class pictures from there. I don’t even have my own class picture from the old Hydetown School. It’s hard to believe that they used to pack twelve grades into that building!

Hydetown High School. A big graduating class would have been eight or nine students!

I like this picture of the first and second grade class from the Hydetown school in 1938. That was when my uncle Junior graduated. As a matter of fact, his sister Pat Sterling, is next to the last, in the top row on the right. And you can’t miss Tom and Ed, the Sullivan twins. In the bottom row the second boy on the left, I just did a column on him a couple of weeks ago. That’s Ken Sterling! The last four in that row are Gordon Myer, Jerry Southwick, Jack Donovan and Don Stewart. Oh, and that pretty little black-haired girl standing next to Pat Sterling is Betty Wood. You might know her better as Betty Hollabaugh! Notice, the photographer didn’t have any of the girls sitting or kneeling on the ground. They were all standing....on the back of the photograph is “Ernest F. Sell, photographer, High Class Portraits, Union City, Pa.”

Come on Out, Pull up a Bridge and we’ll talk for a bit!


Church schedules

Hydetown Baptist Church: Pastor Jeff Sterling, Sunday 9:30 a.m., Sunday School; 11 a.m., Worship Service. Wednesday, 7 p.m., Prayer and Bible Study. All Are Welcome.

Sunday Sermon: “Overcoming Temptation” Luke 4:1-13


A final thought

Happy Spring! Some great Spring family activities; Blow bubbles (depending on the solution can be inside or outside), have an indoor picnic, do an art project together (like a birdfeeder), make an indoor fort and play some board games together. And, if perhaps, it is nice enough to go outside, a family walk, hike or bike ride can be fun in the spring and look for signs of the new season. Don’t forget to go to church together as a family tomorrow!


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