If you see Bob Hopkins around town more often, it’s because after working for Crawford County for almost 41 years, he has retired.

Bob’s been working at the Crawford County Planning Commission since Aug. 1, 1980. His first boss was Crawford County Planning Director Ed Edinger. Bob worked for Edinger as a draftsman and cartographer for 15 years, as well as in county projects and labor compliance.

He did hand-drawn base maps of county boroughs and townships and even though computers  put his method of mapping out of business in the 1900s, his maps are still the go-to source for accuracy even to this day. The Spartansburg Borough office has a large collection of them.

Bob also worked on county projects, labor compliance and did subdivision reviews.

Some projects included the building of the grandstand, dairy barn and stage at the Crawford County Fair, which he worked on with his next boss, Jack Lynch.

Bob was instrumental in starting the Agricultural Lands Preservation Program (ALPP) in Crawford County. As president of the board for the organization, he has overseen the preservation of six farms. He remains on that board as president for another three years.

His most recent title was that of Land Use Planner, and he worked to establish the Crawford County Forest in Steuben Township. It is a 467-acre parcel which is being upgraded and will be presented to the public for their use and enjoyment.

Over the decades, Bob worked for five different planning directors. He said he “was content to do the job and never wanted to be the boss.”

“I worked for both Ed and Jack, who are both legends in my book. It was a privilege to work for those two. There should be things in the county named after those guys.”

“I immensely enjoyed my time helping people. I had a ball helping people solve problems. If a guy came in needing help with a deed or property information, it felt good to help him find what he needed and allow him to leave the courthouse feeling better than when he came in. I was just a guy who cared enough to help.”

Zachary Norwood is the current Crawford County Planning Director, and Hopkins’ most recent boss.

“Bob Hopkins was a cornerstone of the Planning Office for over four decades,” said Norwood. During that time he dedicated his work to help communities think about the future and prepare for tomorrow’s challenges. His work led to community enhancements that Crawford County citizens will feel for generations.”

“Specifically, Bob worked tirelessly to make sure citizens in rural areas of the county, especially our farming community, had a voice at the table and that voice helped to shape Crawford County for decades to come,” Norwood continued. “All of us at Crawford County Planning will miss working with Bob, but we are thrilled he will get to tackle the plans he has made for his future.”

Bob is looking forward to spending more time with his family and on the farm. Hopefully we’ll enjoy the fruit of his labor this fall in the form of cider and pumpkins at the Hopkins Farm Stand on Main Street.

What’s up?

— Mixed level yoga is Wednesday and Zumba is Thursday at the Water Street Apartments Gym, 150 Water Street. Both classes begin at 6 p.m. and there is a fee.

—Spartansburg Community Yard Sales take place June 11-12.

—Vacation Bible Schools: Sparta CMA, evenings June 6-10; Midway Alliance, mornings June 14-18; First Baptist and Rometown Community, evenings June 14-18. Contact the churches directly for detailed information.

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