Two businesses in Spartansburg are becoming one.

Amanda Slaney, owner of Amanda’s Notary, announced last week that SN Hawley Insurance Agency recently acquired her business.

Amanda’s Notary is currently located at 117 Mechanic Street.  She is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Over the next month, Amanda will be liquidating the portion of her business that was inventory- based — gift items, T-shirts, signs and more. So if you’ve been to the store in the past and you’ve had your eye on something, now is the time to get it before she closes for good.

As for the notary portion, Nicole Thompson (the ’N’ in SN Hawley) has gotten her notary license and will be handling the notary work.

 One-stop-shopping just became a little easier. Now you can transfer a title and get an insurance quote at the same place.

SN Hawley Insurance Agency is at 341 Main Street, right across from Ashley’s Pub.

“I am excited for Sam and Nicole,” Amanda said. “I think they will do great and the services will all stay in Spartansburg, which is awesome.”

Amanda wanted everyone to know how thankful she is for the last 16 years of support and business.

“I set out 17 years ago to make life easier for people and to help them as a notary,” she said in a letter. “Along the way I made some wonderful friends and have had some great customers. Joining forces with a company as passionate as SN Hawley is what takes me into the next chapter. I will be working with SN Hawley during this transition period. When the time is right, I will be leaving to focus on my other growing business.”

What business is that? — I hear you asking.

That would be Ashley’s Pub.

Over the last couple of years, Amanda has been helping pub owner Ben Byler transform the pub into a family restaurant.

They make a great team and if you haven’t been to Ashley’s in a while, stop in to see the remodeling, as well as the outdoor dining area.

Having not one, but two amazing restaurants in Spartansburg makes our little town a destination. But more about The Dutch Treat next week.

As for Amanda Slaney, she’s looking forward to having a little time to herself.

She told me, “I’m excited that I may have an hour with no work soon. Seems I have been going and going with no break.”

Well, here’s hoping she gets that hour with no work, and that SN Hawley becomes busier than ever with the addition of a notary to their business.

What’s up?

— Zumba is Thursday at the Water Street Apartments Gym, 150 Water Street. The class begins at 6 p.m. and there is a fee.

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