Good Morning.

Most of Townville has recovered from the power outage that hit our area on Sunday afternoon. The night got cold and homes that had no or little heat were a bit chilly to stay in, unless you pulled out all the blankets to layer on to hold in your body heat.

When the power did return, we were still without cable, internet and phone service to our homes for a longer period, which made for quieter time than most of us were prepared for.

The first things I did when the power returned were to fill all my water jugs again, start the dishwasher again, get the washer going and make a hot lunch.

Did you find any projects in your home that you were able to work on or complete without electric, phone, lights or internet? I did find a few things to do without interruption from the outside world. It felt good to get them done too.

Then, during the night, I got up to take the dog out, and there was an eerie scene with the trees frosted and the roofs glistening, but no snow on the ground. And when we went out in the daylight, it was snowing so hard that I could not see the Waddell farm, which just the night before was the only source of light in the area. It’s been an unusual week for sure.

Church news

— The Townville United Methodist Church has Sunday indoor worship services again. Safety guidelines are in place while attending services. Frank Weingard is the pastor for the church, as well as for the Blooming Valley UMC and the Troy Center UMC.

The Townville UMC has begun its refreshments time following the Sunday morning service.

The Townville UMC is having a Thanksgiving tureen on Sunday, Nov. 22 after the service.

— The Food Pantry donations are being collected to deliver to the New Richmond Food Pantry at the end of November. This project will be continued each month in the same manner.

— The Bible study class is taking a break until Jan. 6, 2021, at the Blooming Valley UMC.

— The Townville Christmas program is scheduled for Dec. 20. Please see Ginny to volunteer to be an angel.

The project for the month of November will be the collection for the needs of the greenhouse.

— The Townville Baptist Church Sunday services have returned to the 9:15 a.m. worship time, with the Sunday School classes following at 10:45. All the indoor COVID-19 guidelines of seating and use of masks still should be practiced. Let others know of updates, especially if they are not online, or getting the newspaper, to be aware of the present conditions and guidelines for attending services.

— The Bible study meets on Tuesday evenings at 6:15.

— The Olympians meet on Sundays from 4 to 5:30 p.m. This program is for students from kindergarten to fifth grade. Social distancing is being observed during all activities.

— Release Time for  Maplewood Elementary students, who wish to participate, is now being live-streamed and provided virtually as as the school district has gone to a hybrid schedule at least until Jan. 11, 2021.

— The Tryonville United Methodist Church has a new minister, Pastor Richard Foland. Sunday School is held at 10 a.m., with the worship hour to be held at 11.


Cheryl Nesbitt passed last week. She was a 1965 graduate of Townville High School. She is survived by two children, three step children and two sisters.

We express our many sympathies for the family that remains behind. May the family, friends and neighbors, find comfort in their many treasured memories and much peace in their hearts at this difficult time of loss.


— The Townville Women’s Club meeting for today has been canceled. Hopefully, the December meeting can be held, along with the annual bazaar for November and the cookie exchange of the month for December. Also, the final planning of the meeting themes for the coming year needs to be completed, so give some thought to ideas for future programs.

— The Old Home Days Committee is selling tickets for the Annual Firemen’s Raffle to be held on Saturday, Nov. 21. The time has not been determined as of yet, but the drawing is to be held via live stream. Tickets are on sale presently at these locations: Hanna’s Hardware, Family Ties Restaurant, Mostly Treasures Shop, Navy Run Automotive, Hawk’s Grocery and Smokehouse and Bradley’s Automotive.

The 11 prizes offered are: 1. A storage shed built and donated by the Townville Volunteer Firemen, 2. A $400 beef package donated by Apple Shamrock Dairy Farm, 3. A recliner donated by Glen Peterson’s Furniture, 4. A Samsung 50” UHV television donated by Sterling Sanitation, 5. A Marlin 22 mag. rifle donated by Hanna’s Hardware, 6. A trimming mower donated by Greenhill Farms, 7. A Husqvarna 122c. trimmer donated by Hazlett’s, 8. An outdoor bench donated by Homewood Furniture, 9. A Lottery board donated by Diamond Farm and the Manuel family, 10. A painting donated by Wicked Eye Candy Custom Airbrushing, and 11. A golf package for two people for 18 holes with cart donated by Mt. Hope Golf Course.

— The Cub Scout Pack 231 aluminum can dumpster, that was located across from Hanna’s Hardware, has now been moved to the Richmond Township building on state Route 408, near state Route 77. A lot of great Townville people donate their cans to the scouts, so share the news of the relocated collection dumpster.

— A Giving Tree has been set up at the former gas station at the corner of Main St. And E. Fremont St. in Townville.

The mission of the tree is to help those in need of hats, gloves, scarfs, socks and any other items that would fit on the tree. Items should be put in a ziplock bag to keep the weather off of them. Clothes pins are available on the tree to hang the items.

There is also a bin for non-perishable food items. The tree will be up at least until after Christmas. If the need seems to be great, it will continue to be available longer. Anyone can put an item on the tree as a donation. The tree is for locals, but anyone driving by who is in need may take something. The owner of the lot has given permission to have the tree on their property. It is a hope that the community will embrace this tree as their mission to come together as a community to help others.

Due to the recent wind storm, the tree was damaged beyond repair. A new tree is being donated and will be up again as soon as possible.

— Food For Thought is again providing food bags for Maplewood Elementary School students. The mission of the Food for Thought Project is to provide free, nutritious food for the weekend to any student in Maplewood Elementary School. Foods are selected that can be prepared by the students, if needed. Proper nutrition on weekends has been shown to lead to improved attention and performance at the beginning of the school week. The names of high school students can be included on the sign-up forms.

If you have any questions, contact Ann Zurasky at (814) 673-2302, or email her at, or call Judy Smock at (814) 671-3452.

As always, if you are able to show support for this program, plan on making a donation, or contact them to see if there is a way you can volunteer some of your time.

School news

— The Pennsylvania Department of Health and Department of Education have made the decision to switch Crawford County school districts to a hybrid method of instruction. This applies to the elementary level. The high schools were converted to total virtual learning for this week. All PENNCREST elementary schools will be on an ABABC hybrid schedule until Jan. 11, 2021, at least. The decision for the Monday through Friday basis will be based on the COVID-19 trends at that time. More information is posted on the PENNCREST website at

— PENNCREST School District has been approved to offer free breakfast and lunch to all students in the school system each school day. This has been extended until June 11, 2021.

The free meals program includes all PENNCREST Cyber Academy students. The free breakfast and lunch distributions will be done in a drive-thru brown bag fashion. Each meal package will contain breakfast and lunch servings for the upcoming days. Interested families must complete the weekly participation survey by Friday of the previous week. Meals will be passed out each Wednesday from 1 to 2 p.m. when school is in session at each of the district’s high schools.

— Maplewood sports will be on break until the first week of December when the girls and boys varsity basketball seasons have their opening games.

From the kitchen

Occasionally, it is a treat to let the kids create something in the kitchen, and now with the kids home more during virtual schooling or hybrid classes, this maybe is an ideal time to have the opportunity to do just that.

Our recipe this week is for “Peanut Pita.” Start with an 8-ounce package of small pita breads, cut in half, crosswise.

Then be sure to have 16 teaspoons each of peanut butter and strawberry spreadable fruit, and a large banana, peeled and thinly-sliced, to make about 48 slices.

Spread the inside of each pita half with 1 teaspoon of peanut butter on one side and 1 teaspoon of the strawberry fruit spread on the other side. Lastly, fill each pita half evenly with the banana slices. Serve immediately. Makes eight servings.

To make substitution varieties, still use the peanut butter, but try using honey instead of the spreadable fruit to create “Honey Bees,” or try “Jolly Jellies” using any flavor of jelly for the spreadable fruit and thin apple slices instead of the banana slices. Another option would be to try “P.B. Crunchers” by substituting low-fat mayonnaise for the spreadable fruit and using celery slices in place of the banana slices.

Have a happy...

— Celebrating birthdays on Sunday are Pastor Jim Riley and Sue Wheelock, and Nov. 23 is Matthew Colwell’s day to hear birthday wishes coming his way. Shane Slagle will have a day full of wishes on the Nov. 24, while Rachel Girard will hear birthday greetings on Nov. 25. Celebrating their birthdays on Thanksgiving are Janice Tessmer and Cindy Cheers. Kathy Brun is the only person celebrating on Nov. 27, while Julia Rosenberg, Jason Saxton and Nicole Neely share their birthdays on Nov. 28 as the last birthdays of the week.

— Steve and Annie Nuhfer have their anniversary on Nov. 22. Sharing their anniversary on Nov. 23 are Dick and Elaine Smith, and Dave and Susan Christy. Bill and Dorothy Steadman have an anniversary on Nov. 25. Shane and Julie Slagle will celebrate an anniversary on Nov. 27. My granddaughter and her hubby, Kyla and Matt Harvison, have their anniversary on Nov. 28.

If you have a special day during the week, that I have missed, or you have some special upcoming dates that you wish to have noted in the column, I invite you to let me know, so that I may add those dates to my calendar of Townville (former or current) area residents, and events to publish.

Contact me

Many thanks for all the feedback and information that folks have shared. I appreciate the time that folks have taken to get news to me each week. Your input is what makes our news complete. It is a great pleasure to hear from members of the community.

If you have any comments or concerns about the column, please feel free to call, email me or send a message via Facebook. Be sure to note the subject of your email as “Townville News,” so that I may give it prompt and proper attention, and not miss your information. If you have some news or information that you wish to share, please be sure to submit it to me by noon on Tuesday, so that I may include it in the current week’s article.

Linda McCarl can be contacted by phone at (814) 967-2677 or by email at

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