Pictured is the flag that flew over the US Capitol Building in honor of Pleasantville’s Bicentennial. The flag was flown during a portion of June.

PLEASANTVILLE, VENANGO COUNTY—The Pleasantville Borough Council talked about finding water leaks that are impacting sewage, and sludge removal from the sewage plant during its council meeting on Tuesday.

The borough council also talked about the upcoming budget talk, before setting the date for this year’s Trick-or-Treat.

The borough is currently in the ongoing process of finding a water leak. When it storms, within 20 to 30 minutes excess water is found in the sewage system.

Councilman Harvey Long said that water is not good in the sewer system, and requires more chemicals to break down the sewage.

To find the leak, borough workers have been doing some large scale operations that test major portions of the borough. The borough was looking to find 30 to 40 leaks in a section, but so far has only found one or two.

The borough is now looking to run its third smoke and dye test on an area of town. They will continue to do this until they have tested all the downspouts in Pleasantville.

If the downspouts end up not being the issue, the next step will be to look at the storm drains.

Borough council is already looking into “camera-ing” the storm drains looking for problems. When they start to look at the storm drains, council said they will be crossing their fingers that there isn’t a problem on a storm drain that goes underneath or runs along a state highway.

According to Long, if you dig up a state highway for maintenance work, you have to restore it to the condition it was built. State highways have large trucks that use them, and would be very expensive to replace. One company will come out and do as much work as they can in a day, which would cost the borough $30,000 for that day’s work.

Every few months Pleasantville’s sewage facility has to be cleared of sludge. The sludge comes from when you neutralize sewage.

The company that the borough had been using was recently bought out by a different corporation. The borough soon realized that they were being charged almost double for the services they were receiving.

What once cost the borough $1,200 is now costing them $2,600. Council is looking at having a different company for the sludge services.

For now, once sludge has been removed from the facility, the employee who clears it now reports back to the borough every time the job is done.

In other business, the borough council is getting ready for budget season. The first meeting for budget talks is tentatively set for Oct. 26 at 5:30 p.m., with the regular council meeting to follow at 6:30.

The borough council also scheduled Trick-or-Treating. The night of festivities has been scheduled for the last Thursday in October, from 6 to 8 p.m.

Meeting notes

—The borough now has on display in the office the flag flown over the United States Capitol Building in honor of Pleasantville’s Bicentennial. The flag is currently above the old safe in the borough building, next to the old stoplight.

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