The start of a new campaign

Titusville Area Hospital’s emergency room renovations are detailed in this blueprint from the hospital. Holli Wolfe, director of marketing and foundation at TAH, said the floor plan as shown in the blueprint is the initial draft and the final plan may vary slightly.

The Titusville Area Hospital will begin a capital campaign on Monday to raise funds for renovations to the emergency room.

According to Holli Wolfe, director of marketing and foundation, the campaign will start with a Week of Giving, from Nov. 26 to Dec. 2.

Wolfe said the hospital will host a wellness event on Tuesday in the cardiac rehab department, from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. The event is open to the public.

She said the wellness event will include free screenings, offering blood pressure, body mass index, lung capacity screening and balance assessments.

In addition, there will be educational information and a massage therapist will be providing mini-massages for a donation.

All proceeds will benefit the capital campaign.

Wolfe added that individuals will be able to donate to the campaign during the event.

She said that while contributions to the campaign can be made until August 2018, the foundation is encouraging donors to contribute during the Week of Giving. All personal donations will be matched by 50 percent. The match was provided by the John Nesbit Rees and Sarah Henne Rees Charitable Foundation.

The emergency department renovation is the first campaign since the TAH Foundation restructured,” Wolfe said. “We are truly excited to launch the campaign.”

She added that the campaign aligns with the foundation’s mission to raise funds for TAH and to continue supporting the needs of the hospital and health care in the community.

“While the anticipated cost of the renovation is nearly $1.3 million, the foundation set a campaign goal of $250,000,” Wolfe said. “It is our hope to exceed the goal so we can provide the funds necessary for TAH to complete the renovations and continue serving our community for generations to come.”

Wolfe said once the renovations are completed, features will include new sliding glass doors, and the ambulance back-in area at the department will include an overhang to protect patients from the weather.

Hospital CEO Lee Clinton said an emergency department is essential in any community hospital.

“The emergency department at TAH has not been updated for many years,” Clinton said. “Patient safety and privacy was a key factor when determining the new layout for the emergency department. It will include private patient rooms, as well as many other upgrades to ensure we are providing our patients with the highest level of care possible.”

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