Titusville Housing Authority passed a number of finance and budget resolutions during Tuesday’s meeting, including the revision of the 2019 budget and the new budget for 2020.

Resolution 809-19, the revision of the 2019 budget ending Sept. 30, was unanimously passed. According to Executive Director Alexa Vroman, the revision is required annually by HUD. Prior to factoring in the HUD subsidy and the capital fund operations, the total projected income of $594,190 minus the projected expenses of $966,620 left the authority with a deficit of $372,430. After adding in the HUD subsidy of $366,251and the capital fund operations of $66,425, housing authority was left with $60,246 in the positive.

“We have to subtract the principal payment that we payed to the EPC loan — the Energy Performance Contract — that still put us at adding $20,584 to our unrestricted net assets,” Vroman said.

This number, she said, is what is projected for the end of September when the fiscal year for the authority comes to a close.

Vroman said that although there were some unforeseen expenses involving the elevators, the housing authority is still operating within its means and has reserve funds.

For Resolution 810-19, the projected income without HUD is $608,570 and projected expenses are at $1,021,085, putting the authority at a deficit of $412,515, however Vroman said the expected HUD subsidy of $380,000 and the capital fund operations of $75,000 puts the authority at an estimated $42,485 in the positive.

Vroman said another payment would have to be made on the EPC loan, which the authority will be paying for the next four years or so. She said the payments are typically around $11,000 annually.

Some of the expected projects for the next year, according to Vroman, include tile for the rear entry of Central Towers and carpet for the lounge, as well as a potential new security system for the offices.

The system may include some sort of intercom system so those coming to speak with those on the authority cannot simply walk in and have access to everyone. This decision was made, according to Vroman, after numerous concerns were raised by staff.

“Several of the staff members have approached me with concerns about it,” she said. “I don’t know if it has to do with the recent state of affairs in the country. I don’t know.”

Additionally, Vroman said the current computer in use were not compatible with Windows 10, which they will be upgrading to during the next fiscal year. At present, the current computers operate on Windows 7.

Additionally, Resolution 811-19, the budget for the Billie Brown Building ending in September 2020, was unanimously approved. Vroman said the total expenditures are projected at $559,569 and an income of $576,200, giving a projected surplus of $16,711.

Initially, Chariman Terry Kerr questioned if this was too high of a surplus that should be spent, but Vroman said this amount was actually less than the surplus in previous years, but it wasn’t high enough to have HUD take it back. Vroman and Kerr both agreed this was a good thing, given the age of the building and the potential of any issues arising.

Resolution 807-19, a write off of a tenant’s account of $173.22, was unanimously passed, as well as Resolution 808-19, the disposition of items no longer on inventory. The items included chairs from the community room, an office chair, a fridge, a wet dry vac, a calculator and a salt spreader.

Other news

Vroman said the Central Towers inspections were conducted last week using the new computer systems, and everything went smoothly.

A series of shrubs outside the Billie Brown Building were replaced recently with low-maintenance perennials.

One resident in attendance at the meeting asked if the parking lot outside Central Towers was going to be paved. Vroman said the money for the paving job was accounted for in the capital funds, but the paving would likely not take place until next year. She assured the woman that the sink hole that had developed would be paved over.

The next meeting of Titusville Housing Authority will be Oct. 15, at 3 p.m.

Dodd can be reached, by email, at ndodd@titusvilleherald.com.

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