Drake Well

Drake Well Museum and Friends of Drake Well, Inc. will be holding the last of their “Something More Saturdays” events for the year on Saturday.

Held on the last Saturday of every month, “Something More Saturdays” has offered an extra opportunity for museum visitors to learn more about the history of the Oil Region in addition to the museum’s exhibits.

“It’s something you normally don’t get to do when you come here,” Drake Well Museum director Melissa Mann said. “We make sure there’s some type of hands-on component.” 

This month’s event, called “Hands-on Oil Labs,” will give visitors a chance to look at the science of oil, why water and oil do not mix and how oil interacts with the environment, among other topics, through a science-lab-type environment in the museum’s multipurpose room.

Mann said although the museum started hosting the monthly activities in the latter half of 2018, this year was the first full year the museum put on “Something More Saturdays” events. 

The program runs with the help of educators and volunteers from around the area, and some with specialty trades, such as blacksmiths and weavers, occasionally help out as well, according to Mann. 

One of the events Drake Well hosted this year was “Love in the Oil Fields” in January, which gave visitors a taste of love letters from oil workers kept in the museum’s archive while letting them write some of their own. In November, the “Radio Santa” event featured members of the ham radio station of Venango County who helped visitors “tune-in” to Santa’s radio ahead of the holiday season.

The “Hands-On Oil Labs” event will run from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday at the museum and is included at no extra charge with regular admission.

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