Pictured is a former Titusville PEEPShow creation titled ‘Finz up!’ Creations like this will be on display on Saturday at the YWCA following the egg hunt. Voting for this year’s favorite PEEP displays will take place until noon.

By Garrett Dvorkin

Herald Staff Reporter

Calling all confectionary Caravaggios, dessert Da Vincis and PEEPS Picassos.

The Titusville Council on the Arts is hosting its annual PEEPShow on Saturday at the YWCA.

The event, which partners with the YMCA’s Easter egg hunt, starts at 10 a.m. The PEEPShow will follow the hunt and run until noon.

Those who register are asked to create a diorama, sculpture or mosaic that feature PEEPS as the primary subject or medium of creation. There are two categories of entry, one for individuals or families and one for groups and organizations.

Those who wish to take part should arrive before 10 a.m. Once the kids start hunting, it doesn’t take long for all the goodies to be snatched up.

After the hunt, those interested can view the PEEPS creations and vote on their favorites.

Sarah Miller, executive director of the Titusville Council on the Arts, said that the PEEPShow and egg hunt were natural pairs. “They are like-minded in Easter theme, plus Easter and art go well together,” she said.

This is the seventh year that the council has held its PEEPShow. When the event originated, it used to be supported by the PEEPS company, which is based out of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The company promoted art competitions featuring its products in towns all across the country.

Like many events in 2020, last year the PEEPShow became a victim of the COVID-19 pandemic and had to be cancelled.

Many local organizations were forced to cancel numerous fundraising events last year, and hope to make up for lost time in 2021.

When asked about the event returning, Miller said she and the council are “excited to have it back this year.”

It is not just the Council on the Arts that is ready for the PEEPShow to return. Miller said that every year, while there are definitely newcomers, certain families and organizations look forward to creating their marshmallow-based art projects. “Our regulars are excited too,” she said.

Some designs in years past have featured a diorama of a bunny yoga studio, a menacing shark, a PEEPS presidential debate and a dinosaur.

While the artistic expression should be enough to draw residents to the event, Miller said that it is really for getting people together.

“It’s great for families,” said Miller. While you can still go and vote for your favorite creations, the deadline to register to participate has already passed.

Dvorkin can be reached by email at

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