Comedic play hits the stage Monday

While narrators Abigail Vincent and Trey Kirvan observe, the Devil, played by Matthew Hamilton, hands a contract to the Enchantress, played by Kassidee Szympruch, to remind her of a deal she made during the 2019 Titusville High School Junior/Senior Class Play dress rehearsal of ‘The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon’ on Thursday. The show runs Monday and Tuesday at 7 p.m. at the Titusville High School Auditorium.

On Monday night, juniors and seniors from the Titusville High School will present a show that they promise will tell a “mega super story that will rock your world.”

In the 1800s, two brothers set out to capture every fairytale. The result was a collection of 209 fairytales that provide the basis of many of the most beloved stories parents tell their children today, although they have changed dramatically through time and the retellings of Walt Disney, who is referred to in the play as the mouse to circumvent any copyright infringement.

“The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon” attempts to combine all 209 stories into one cohesive two-hour play, maintaining the integrity of the original stories. The result is a humorous, chaotic whirlwind of a play that calls itself a show so spectacular the audience will never be the same.

The Junior and Senior Class Play runs Monday and Tuesday at the Colestock Auditorium, starting at 7 each night.

The theatrics are led by narrators Abigail Vincent and Trey Kirvan, who keep the audience engaged with the cohesive story which talks about significant things like madness and death, and investigates the origins of a magical fish.

There are also moments of audience interaction in the show, as those in front of the stage are invited into helping tell the story of Hansel and Gretel. Vincent and Kirvan are constantly speaking out directly to the audience in a play that is very self-aware of its absurdity.

Among the 209 stories they attempt to retell in just two hours are long-remembered favorites like “Rumpelstiltskin,” “Cinderella,” “Snow White” and “Rapunzel.” They also introduce stories that may be new to the audience, such as a modernized retelling of the “Devil’s Grandmother.” No story is as predictable or unfolds quite the way one is lead to expect.

The fast pace of the show has almost every actor playing around six characters throughout the course of the drama. The students said they were proud of the play that they have on their hands, and said that, above all, it is funny.

“It’s a very entertaining show,” Vincent said. “It’s been a lot of fun to work on and I really love everyone in the cast. I think you can tell that we are all kind of bound and its been a really entertaining atmosphere for all of us. The show itself wouldn’t be nearly as fun if we didn’t have all the people that make it so much fun.”

The play is comical as much because of the actors and the way they develop their roles as the script itself.  Matthew Hamilton, a senior, recurs in his role as the Devil, who makes deals with people’s souls after he loses the most important woman in his life. Gavin Drusko, a senior, drew uproar from Thursday’s dress rehearsal audience whether he was playing Rumpelstiltskin, birds or Prince Charming.

Another senior, Kassidee Szympruch, landed humorous lines as an enchantress imprisoning teenage girls and as an iconoclastic Snow White fighting the oppression of women.

Senior Gavin Muir, who will be making his acting debut, said that he has been guaranteeing his friends their money back if they don’t laugh when he invites them.

“We are telling the Grimm fairytales as they are hopefully originally intended, with maybe a little exaggeration,” said Andrea Fenske, director of the play. “It has been a lot of fun to rehearse. There a lot of new faces that we don’t normally see in our musicals and some returning faces who are doing their last play this year, and it is exciting to see them in this opportunity as well. It is definitely going to be a night of laughter. It is very funny. We have been laughing since day one we are still laughing.”

There is a fee to attend, and any proceeds benefit the THS Class of 2020. Performances will take place Monday and Tuesday night, at 7, at Colestock Auditorium.

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I hope there is a strong police presence. To help with the alcohol and/or drugs. Titusville has a serious problem and we need to protect the children.

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