The Titusville Area School District School Board Committee held a special meeting Monday night to appoint a new director of building and grounds. The new director got unanimous approval from the board.

The board appointed former Titusville High School grad Joshua Atkins to the position. Atkins, a Class of 2000 graduate, is just moving back to the area from Pittsburgh. Atkins said that he knows that the director of building and grounds is a “challenging role,” but as he is formerly the Vice President of Operations for an oil and gas company, he feels he is up to the challenge.

Atkins is replacing former director John Cowan. Cowan, who recently retired, previously served as the director of building and grounds for over 10 years. 

TASD Superintendent Stephanie Keebler wanted to thank Cowan for his efforts, and said that he “brought the department a long way.” Keebler is confident that Atkins can continue the efforts made by Cowan moving forward. 

After voting to confirm Atkins to his position, the school board ended the special meeting and called to order their regularly scheduled meeting. 

In the regular meeting, the school district introduced potential adjustments to the Phased Reopening Health and Safety Plan, Version #4, as well as the Athletic Health and Safety Plan, Version #5. 

For the health and safety plan, the school board is planning on updating the phrasing regarding transmission levels. As the previous health and safety plan referenced Green/Yellow/Red transmission levels, those terms are now outdated. 

The school board introduced changes that would update the wording to low/moderate/substantial, which would match the current Pennsylvania Department of Health and Pennsylvania Department of Education guidelines. 

Regarding potential changes to the athletic health and safety plan, the school board wants less confusion with changing numbers and guidelines. Instead of using changing indoor and outdoor capacity numbers, the school board is looking to change the wording to just “based on current PDE and DOH guidelines.”

Keebler said the changes will make it so that the district is no longer “putting up numbers that will change.”

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