The Titusville City Council held its last meeting before the upcoming General Election on Tuesday evening. Three seats are up for grabs on Nov. 2.

During the meeting, council approved the first reading of three bills and awarded the recycling center fence contract.

The mayor and members of council at the end of the meeting said what they have accomplished since elected, and some made their case why they should have more time serving the City.

Council approved the first reading of Council Bills 5, 6 and 7. The bills mandate policy around on-street handicap parking, storm sewer certificates and garbage and rubbish collection, respectively. Part of the reason these bills were introduced is to clean up language and adjust fees.

Council Bill 5 of 2021 has to do with handicapped parking. The City used to charge residents the cost of the sign, but were told they cannot do that. The bill would change the fee for the sign for residents, making it so no cost is associated with the process. Businesses would still have to pay to get handicapped parking and signs.

Council Bill 6 mandates what the City can charge when dye tests are done when homes are purchased. The new bill would let council change the prices moving forward. The cost is currently $50.

Council Bill 7 concerns garbage and rubbish collection. There are many minor changes in the bill to have consistent language throughout. Some key aspects of the bill include the City being able to charge businesses for use of E-waste, hazardous waste, recycling and leaf collection. Currently the businesses can use these services, but do not pay for them.

The City is building a new recycling center. The new building, called the Public Works West Recycling Center, is being paid for with grant funds. Part of the project will include a periminter fence around the new facility.

Council voted to award the contract to Trace Lawn & Landscaping who bid $53,000 for an eight-foot fence. Council was considering building either a six or eight foot fence, and Trace’s bid for the higher fence still falls under budget.

City Manager Neil Fratus, during the manger’s report, gave information on leaf pick up and the City budget project.

Raccoon Refuse will be coming to town the next four Saturdays for leaf pick up. They will only pick up leaves in either biodegradable or paper bags.

Fratus also said that the City has two more planned budget meetings. The meetings are open to the public and Fratus encouraged the public to participate. The meetings will be held on Monday and Tuesday. The meetings will be at 5 p.m. at City Hall.

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