Titusville Community Development Agencies (TCDA) recently wrote a grant application to PetSafe brand to be selected for a chance to win funds for a new dog park at the Ed Myer Complex. Titusville was chosen and is one of 30 finalists for the popular Bark for Your Park grant contest. This year, PetSafe will award prizes totaling $125,000 to nine deserving communities.

“We are so excited to be selected as a finalist for this grant. Being a dog lover and owner of three dogs myself, I’ve been hoping for a dog park in our community for a long time. Please vote once a day, every day! Let’s help make our pups dreams come true,” said Kristen Kerr, Executive Director of Titusville Community Development Agencies.

Since introducing the program in 2011, PetSafe has donated more than $1.65 million to support more than 80 off-leash dog parks in the United States. Now through Aug. 31, 2022, anyone over the age of 18 that lives within the U.S. can vote once per day, every day for their favorite community at barkforyourpark.com. Employees and partner employees of the parent company of PetSafe, Radio Systems Corporation, are also not eligible to vote in the grant contest.

“I look forward to seeing Titusville become a more pet-friendly place thanks to the funding we can get through this grant, and I hope it will help us become a place where we can all spend more quality time in the great outdoors with our furry friends,” said Gavin Griffin, Junior City Council Member.

“A dog park at Ed Myer would not only be a safe space to bring our pups together to stretch their legs, but bring our community together as dog owners make face to face ties. Strong personal bonds are how relationships work, and how communities truly get things done. So let the dogs out,” said Jon Herman, Middle School Teacher and dog owner.

Finalists were chosen from a panel of PetSafe judges that scored each submission on the level of enthusiasm and support for a dog park project within the community and the impact that a dog park project will have on the community. Participants entered to win funds for either a new park or to improve an existing dog park. Following the contest voting period, four communities with the highest votes will receive $25,000 for the construction of a new park and five will be awarded $5,000 to enhance their local dog parks.

“The new dog park has been very supported by the Titusville Community when we first started talking about this Project. This new dog park is not only a space that provides an outlet for dogs to play and socialize with other dogs, but also a great way to bring dog owners together to interact. The new dog park will be a great addition to the Ed Myer Complex,” said Neil Fratus, City Manager.

For more information on the 2022 Bark for Your Park™ grant contest and to vote for Titusville, visit barkforyourpark.com.

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