Campaign Signs

The Primary Election is Tuesday. While nothing is written in stone, these may be the signs that people see as the 2020 General Election approaches.

Tuesday marks another chance for the voices of Pennsylvania residents to be heard as Election Day will be upon us. Polls for the 2020 Primary will be open across the state at 7 a.m. until 8 p.m. For those that have chosen to participate in the election via absentee and mail-in ballots, the county election offices must receive those ballots by the same 8 p.m. deadline.

Pennsylvania will be one of seven states holding their primary on Tuesday, while residents of Washington D.C. will also be going to the polls. Pennsylvania conducts a closed primary, which means that only party-affiliated voters may vote in their party’s primary.

Those voting for the first time at their polling location must bring a valid form of identification, such as a Driver’s License, U.S. Passport, Voter Registration Card or a military, student or employee ID. One change on the ballots stemming from Act 77 being signed into law on October 31, 2019, is that there is no more straight-party voting.

The most notable change for voters within the Titusville city limits is that all seven precincts will vote in person at Titusville Middle School, located at 415 Water St. Crawford County Director of Voter Services and Elections Rebecca Little said that the change is due to the loss of three judges of election and the difficulty in getting people to work the polls.

“We think it’s going to be helpful,” Little said. “We can share the responsibility by having one central location.”

Also Forest County is consolidating its polling locations. Barnett, Howe and Jenks Townships will be voting at the Marienville Area Civic Association Building, located at on Pine Street. Tionesta Borough, along with Green, Harmony, Hickory, Kingsley and Tionesta Townships will be voting at the Harmony Township Community Building, located at 95 Center Circle St., in West Hickory. 

Here’s a brief look at what voters will be deciding on Tuesday:

U.S. President

President Donald Trump is seeking his second term come November’s general election, and he already has enough delegates to win the Republican party’s nomination at the GOP Convention. However, Pennsylvania voters will have the option to choose between Trump, Bill Weld and Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente. 

Weld, who has been awarded one delegate out of the 1,772 already awarded, was the Libertarian running mate of former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson during the 2016 presidential election. De La Fuente, 65, is an American businessman born in San Diego who has worked in the automotive and real estate industries. 

The Democratic ballot will feature Former Vice President Joe Biden U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, of Vermont, and U.S. Representative Tulsi Gabbard, of Hawaii. Biden currently leads the race for the Democratic nomination, and 1,549 delegates which is a few hundred short of the 1,991 needed to win the nomination. Sanders is in second place with 1,012 delegates, while Gabbard only has two.

It is essentially a two-man race with only 1,259 delegates left to be won. New York’s primary on June 23 will have 274 delegates up for grabs, but Pennsylvania has the next highest with 186 delegates available for the taking. Of the primaries remaining, Sanders claimed victories in Indiana, Montana, Rhode Island and West Virginia in the 2016 primary.  

DNC and RNC Delegates

While voters will be deciding on their party’s nominee for U.S. President, they will be also deciding the delegates that will represent them at their party’s national convention. Democratic ballots will display which presidential candidate is attached to the candidates for delegates.

In addition to the delegates, voters will be selecting alternate delegates.

Pennsylvania Executive Branch

The Attorney General Auditor General and State Treasurer positions are up for election in 2020. All three positions serve four-year terms and have two-term limits. 

Josh Shapiro is the incumbent Attorney General, while Joe Torsella is the incumbent State Treasure. Both are running unchallenged on the Democratic ticket. Heather Heidelbach (Allegheny County) and Stacy L. Garrity (Bradford County) are the respective challengers on the Republican ballot.

Current Auditor General Eugene DePasquale, a Democrat, is finishing up his second term, which leaves an open vacancy for voters to decide on in November. H. Scott Conklin (Clarion County), Michael Lamb (Allegheny County), Tracie Fountain (Dauphin County), Rose Rosie Marie Davis (Monroe County), Nina Ahmad (Philadelphia County) and Christina M. Hartman (Lancaster County) are candidates on the Democratic ballot, while Timothy Defoor (Dauphin County) is the only candidate listed for the Republicans.

The governor’s office, currently served by Democrat Tom Wolf and his Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman, is not up for reelection until 2022.

Pennsylvania General Assembly

Seats in the 6th, 17th, 63rd, 64th and 65th districts of the state house and the 21st seat in the state senate will be decided upon by voters this election. House members serve two-year terms, while senators serve four-year terms.

All of the incumbents running for those seats are unopposed on the Republican tickets: Representatives Brad Roae (R-6), Parke Wentling (R-17), Donna Oberlander (R-63) R. Lee James (R-64) and Kathy L. Rapp (R-65) and Senator Scott E. Hutchinson (R-21). 

The Democratic primary will also featured unopposed races with Matt Ferrence, of Crawford County, up for nomination to the 6th house district and Shelbie L. Stromyer, of Venango County, vying for the 21st state district’s seat. No nomination was made for the 17th, 63rd, 64th and 65th house districts on the Democratic ticket, although, like all races, a write-in option is available.

The term for State Senator Michele Brooks, who represents the 50th district, does not expire until 2022.

U.S. Congress

Both Republican incumbent U.S. Congressman are up for reelection in November. Glenn Thompson (R-15) and Mike Kelly (R-16) are running unopposed in Tuesday’s primary as they both seek another two-year term at the U.S. Capitol. 

Robert Williams, of Clearfield County, is seeking the Democratic nomination in the 15th district, while Kristy Gnibus, of Erie County, is vying in the 16th district. Both candidates are unchallenged in the primary.

Neither U.S. Senator seat is up for reelection this fall. Junior Senator Pat Toomey, a Republican is in office until the 2022 election, while Senior Senator Bob Casey, a Democrat, will have his seat up for election in 2024. Both are serving six-year terms.

Crawford County Polling Locations

— Athens Township: 35681 Centerville Rd., Centerville

— Bloomfield Township: 22978 Shreve Ridge Rd., Union City

— Centerville Borough: 39567 Centerville Rd., Centerville

— City of Titusville (all precincts): Titusville Middle School, 415 Water St., Titusville

— Hydetown Borough: 12666 Main St., Hydetown

— Oil Creek Township: 127 McKinney St., Titusville

— Randolph Township: 11475 state Route 198, Guys Mills

— Richmond Township: 30348 state Route 408, Townville

— Rome Township: 44466 Harrison Rd., Spartansburg

— Sparta Township: 43262 state Route 77, Spartansburg

— Spartansburg Borough: 330 Main St., Spartansburg

— Steuben Township: 35741 Tryonville Rd., Centerville

— Troy Township: 36431 Bowmaster Rd., Centerville

— Townville Borough: 33441 North Main St., Townville 

Forest County Polling Locations

— Tionesta Borough, Harmony Township and Tionesta Township: 95 Center Circle St., West Hickory

Venango County Polling Locations

— Allegheny Township: 157 W. State St., Pleasantville

— Cherrytree Township: 1311 Cherrytree Rd., Titusville

— Cooperstown Borough: 182 N. Main St., Cooperstown

— Cornplanter Township: 1029 Grandview Rd., Oil City

— Jackson Township: 1651 state Route 427, Franklin.

— Oakland Township: 1431 state Route 428, Oil City

— Oilcreek Township: 16835 Shreve Run Rd., Pleasantville

— Pleasantville Borough: 157 W. State St., Pleasantville

— Plum Township: 458 Meadville Rd., Titusville

Warren County Polling Locations

— Eldred Township: 2915 Newton Rd., Pittsfield

— Southwest Township: 266 Enterprise Rd., Titusville

— Tidioute Borough: 228 Main St., Tidioute

— Triumph Township: 10390 Youngsville Rd., Tidioute

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