Titusville officials and members of City Council continued the process of creating a budget for the coming year.

For the second time this year, officials gathered at City Hall on Monday to go over expenses. After hearing from department heads last week, the talks concerned the rest of the expenses in the budget, including inter-fund transfers.

Last week, council and city officials heard from department heads to better understand what the different areas of the City including fire, police and public works need from the budget.

On Monday, officials went over areas of the budget that do not fall under the various departments already heard from, like the general fund, manager’s budget, council budget and more.

In attendance were Mayor Jon Crouch, Deputy Mayor William McCrillis, Council Member Sara Jones, Finance Supervisor Heather Plowman, City Manager Neil Fratus and his Assistant Heather Stewart. Council members CJ Kirvan and Dave Shambaugh were absent from the meeting, but were in attendance last week.

According to Plowman, the numbers are still very raw, but the budget is in the beginning stages of taking shape.

According to the “very raw numbers,” the City’s general fund, with capital expenditures included, rose 9.1%. If the potential capital expenditures are removed, the general fund rose just 1.3%.

This small rise in expenditures can be attributed to changes like adding in graduation signs to the council budget, potential contract negotiations with the police, carpet cleaning and projects at City Hall among others. Some larger changes are unavoidable like the $4,000 that must be paid for an audit based on federal funds received.

The work now is to go through the capital expenditures to make sure that the budget is balanced, but also that the City purchases what is truly needed for the upcoming year.

Last year, council made an effort to study and change the way they do inter-fund transfers. Plowman, at Monday’s meeting, gave council the first look at what the 2022 transfers could look like.

To pay for the 2021 transfers, it is estimated that the City will have to pay $89,000 as an advanced repayable repayment. That will cover the City’s portion that must be paid back of the previous transfers.

For 2022, the City is continuing to do time studies to determine how much exactly should be paid back to the general funds from the water, sewage and refuse accounts.

This is to accurately attribute the money and man hours that the City puts into the different funds. For example, if a water main were to break, public works crews would fix it. As public works is paid out of the general fund, the hours they worked for the water department is paid back to the general fund at the end of the year.

The City is looking to transfer $31,000 from refuse, $223,000 from water and $219,000 from sewer. In total, the transfers add up to $473,784, less than the $522,391 transferred in 2021. The transfer numbers could continue to change based on projects and leaf cleanup work still to be done.

At the next budget meeting, held today at City Hall at 5 p.m., the City will start to go into revenues. On the table for discussion is grant funding and potential changes to fee schedules.

Dvorkin can be reached by email at Gdvorkin@titusvilleherald.com.

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