For the volunteers

Pictured is a group photo of the volunteers who received recognition at Tuesday’s Titusville Area Chamber of Commerce Volunteer Recognition Luncheon.

The Titusville Area Chamber of Commerce took time on Tuesday to honor those that keep the community going, the volunteers who selflessly give up their time to various area organizations.

A couple dozen volunteers and heads of area nonprofits and charities gathered at the First Presbyterian Church for the annual Volunteer Recognition Luncheon, where volunteers vital to the wellbeing of the community were honored.

When it comes to the events and programs that make Titusville so special, much of the hard work and time spent was put in by volunteers. While the community enjoys the fruits of their labor, for most volunteers, they never get the chance to receive the recognition that they deserve.

“We are fortunate to have so many people in our community that give freely of their time to help make Titusville a better place to work and live,” said Boo Maginnis, executive director of the Chamber of Commerce.

In attendance was Teresa Koon of State Senator Michele Brooks’ (R-50th) office. Koon said that it was nice to see a community that works together and volunteers together. She said that everyone in Titusville should be proud of the volunteer spirit, and that the Senator is proud of them for all that they do.

City Manager Neil Fratus also said a few words about the volunteers. Speaking on behalf of the city, Fratus said that Titusville would not be what it is without the dedicated work of the volunteers. “We couldn’t function without you,” he said.

Also in attendance at the event were essential volunteers that were celebrated by the organizations that they help. The leaders of these organizations took to the podium to speak about their volunteers. The volunteers were then given a gift bag and a certificate.

Those honored were: Melinda Hart for volunteering for Associated Charities, Sharon Lemley for the Salvation Army Titusville Service Unit, Pam Palma for Take Pride in Titusville, Connie McIntyre for the Titusville Area Chamber of Commerce, Alvin and Barbara Proper for the Titusville Council on the Arts, Mary Sturgis for the Titusville Historical Society, the Lyona Bible Church Youth for the Titusville Renaissance Inc., Stacy Ross for the Titusville Rotary Club and Gavin Griffin and Julia Johnson for the United Way of the Titusville Region.

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