A crown fit for a queen

Abigail Sampsell reacts to being crowned 2021 Titusville Homecoming Queen.

To her surprise, Abigail Sampsell was crowned Titusville’s 2021 Homecoming Queen Friday night under the lights at halftime of the football game.

Sampsell, who has participated in Homecoming festivities as both a cheerleader and member of the band, never imagined being queen.

“For Homecoming, all I wanted to do is cheer and play on the field,” she said. “But this means a whole lot to me.”

Sampsell, escorted by Evan Mullen, said that during the week she was thought of as the “odd ball” and “wildcard” candidate, and was ecstatic to take home the crown.

“It just proves that being a nice person pays off,” she said.

Sampsell was happy to take home the crown. The only group of happier people were maybe her fellow band mates, who chanted her name as she came off the field wearing her crown.

Sampsell wanted to thank her fellow members of the court.

“All of them are worthy of the crown,” she said.

Going through the Homecoming process is something she will never forget and said she made friends with the other girls, some of which she hadn’t connected with since they were in middle school.

“I’m just so grateful to have gone through this experience with them,” said Sampsell.

Besides cheerleading and the marching band, Sampsell is involved with the FCCLA and Varsity Club. In her free time she volunteers at the Cherrytree Volunteer Fire Department.

The crowd at Carter Field was happy to see a queen crowned at halftime. Last year’s Homecoming festivities had to be modified due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Corvette Corvette

Member of homecoming court Cassidy Sprong tosses candy to kids during the parade.

In 2020, Homecoming featured a reverse parade, where the public drove by the teams and court. The crowning was in the stadium, but there were no players, coaches or fans to cheer on the winner.

The parade this year was smaller than what Titusville might be used to, featuring only class floats, sports teams and emergency vehicles.

The theme for this year’s parade was “Game Night,” and the floats represented classic games. The freshman chose Wheel of Fortune, the sophomores built a Game of Life float, the juniors went with Jr. Monopoly and the seniors had Candyland.

Game of Life

Titusville High School sophomores ride their winning float during the Homecoming Parade. Their float was inspired by The Game of Life.

Before the crownin,g the Homecoming week results were read. The sophomores won the float competition with their Game of Life float, but the juniors took home the spirit blanket with a winning score of 1,200 points.

Second place went to the seniors who were beat by less than 100 points.

Superintendent Stephanie Keebler said that this year’s homecoming was great to have, as it returned to more normalcy.

“This is just great for the kids and the community,” said Keebler.

She said all the schools were able to have outdoor pep assemblies outside, where the smiles could be seen and laughter could be heard. She was also relieved that the weather cooperated after last year’s homecoming took place in the freezing rain.

“This is great weather to be outside,” she said.

The cherry on top for Titusville High School was a thrilling victory over the North East Grape Pickers, 28-24. The sounds of fireworks, announcers and happy fans leaving the stadium was a welcome sight after last year.

Dvorkin can be reached by email at Gdvorkin@titusvilleherald.com.

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