By Sean P. Ray

Herald Staff Writer

The Crawford County Human Services may be contributing $6,000 to a Titusville-based financial assistance program, pending approval from the Crawford County Commissioners.

Known as the Center for Financial Independence, the program assists families in financial crisis through a variety of measures, including income tax preparation, budgeting help, post-secondary education scholarships, and other measures, according to a flyer from the center.

The planned money gifting was revealed at Wednesday’s meeting of the Crawford County Commissioners. According to Crawford Human Services Director Gail Kelly, the department annually awards money to “proposals for innovative programs to help the community.”

Kelly said this was the first time the center applied to Human Services for the award.

The Crawford Commissioners will vote on the proposal at their next meeting on June 13, at 9:30 a.m.


to fair grounds

Crawford County and the Crawford Fair Board split the costs on electrical upgrades recently done to the county fair grounds.

Each group will pay $2,979, coming to a combined $5,958, which will be given to Cox and Kanyick Electric, which is the group that did the upgrades.

According to Crawford Commissioner Chris Soff, the upgrades are to support the increasing number of campers that are parked at the fair grounds during the fair. Soff said that the fair board approached the commissioners about doing the upgrades around a month and a half ago.

The upgrades will be done to the electrical systems along Leslie Road. The commissioners will vote whether to approve their half of the payment at their next meeting.

Human Services

to buy property

The Human Services is also seeking to buy a home, located at 281 Prospect St. in Meadville.

While an exact price for the purchase has not been determined yet, Kelly said that the department will have an appraisal soon, and that they will back down on the purchase if it exceeds $95,000.

The property will be used as housing for clients of the Human Services department, though Kelly said she did not want to give out specifics.

Regardless of the price, the majority of the cost for the purchase will be made using grant funds. Commissioner Soff said the cost to the county will only be a little more than $5,000.

Other meeting news

The Juvenile Probation Office is seeking approval to purchase a new van cage to the tune of $895. Van cages are mesh dividers that separate drivers from people in the back seat of a vehicle.

A payment of $572,431 to the Perry Construction Group for a parking garage near Diamond Park that will be used for the Judicial Center and County Courthouse is pending commissioner approval. Commissioner Soff said that construction is still on track for a fall completion.

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