The Titusville Redevelopment Authority is partnering with local businesses and the Benson Memorial Library to encourage area residents to shop local this holiday season.

Together they created a scavenger hunt that encourages shoppers to visit 10 different small businesses in the area. If you can collect six stamps for the various shops and restaurants around town, you are entered to win a prize.

Jessica Hilburn is a board member for the TRA. Hilburn said that the organization was looking for ideas of what to do during the holidays, and the scavenger hunt was a product of those conversations.

“This is our effort to try and get people to shop local,” said Hilburn. “We have a lot of great businesses in the area that need patrons so they can stay here.”

There has been much talk about supply chain shortages and how it can affect getting gifts for the holidays. Many items found online can take months to ship, if they are even in stock.

While it may be more difficult to shop online, that has not translated to shopping in person. “If you can’t get something online, the easiest solution is to go to your local businesses,” said Hilburn.

The scavenger hunt will hopefully open up the eyes of local shoppers to all the great options that exist in Titusville. There is no purchase necessary to get a stamp for the scavenger hunt. The purpose it to just get people in the door to look at all the cool things in stock for the holidays.

“Go visit and see what is there, and maybe tell your friends and family,” said Hilburn.

The participating stores are: Marlin’s, Acorn Acres Floral Design, The Medicine Shoppe, True Value, Missy’s Arcade, Tranquil Moments Massage, Stonehouse Jack, Coffee Days (in the Merc), Morelli’s Jewelry & Repair and Titusville Market Square.

Six stamps will get you an entry to win a $50 local business gift certificate. If you collect all 10 stamps you get an extra entry. The deadline is Friday, Dec. 10. Winners will be announced Monday, Dec. 13.

The stamp cards are to be returned to the Benson Memorial Library.

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