The City of Titusville purchased personalized signs for each graduating senior at Titusville High School. Titusville Police Chief Dustin LeGoullon helped arrange them in Scheide park this week. The senior class will be featured in Friday’s edition of The Herald.

The Titusville Herald will again begin publishing a Friday print edition of the newspaper this week. 

Friday, June 5th’s edition will have a total of 32 pages, including the Titusville High School Graduation Edition. It features individual photos of each member of the Class of 2020.

Due to fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic, The Herald reduced its print edition from six days per week to three in March. The newspaper was still created six days per week, with the e-edition available online at at no cost on days that a print edition was not created.

As The Herald gradually gets back to its six-day publishing of both print and electronic editions, the e-edition will no longer be free on Fridays, but available to subscribers.

The Herald’s Publisher Mike Sample elaborated on the effect the pandemic has had on local newspapers and his plan to get back to six days of print editions.

“During this unique time, The Herald, along with many other newspapers across the region, have had to take significant steps to ensure survivability,” Sample said.  “With so many retail businesses closed and not advertising, there has not been enough income to print six days per week.” 

“Now, with Crawford County in a green phase and businesses opening and advertising, we can begin to add print days,” he said. “Friday is the first day we are adding back to our physical print editions. As conditions allow, Wednesdays will be next and hopefully Mondays will follow.”


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