Orphan Angie's

Pictured is Ange Carson next to the menu of her new establishment, Orphan Angie’s. The new business, located at what was Dairy Queen on State Route 8, opens on Saturday and offers a multitude of ice cream and food options.

By Garrett Dvorkin

Herald Staff Reporter

For the past eight years Ange Carson has been driving around to fairs, festivals and carnivals providing ice cream and a smile to those around the state.

After having a mobile operation, Carson was looking to set down some roots and establish a brick and mortar business.

“It has always been my dream to have an ice cream shop of my own,” said Carson, “Finally home opened up.”

Carson, who is from Reno, and has been in Venango County all her life recently purchased the former Dairy Queen location at 4441 State Route 8 between Titusville and Cherrytree Township. Her new permanent location, Orphan Angie’s, will open on Saturday, May 1.

For the past eight years Carson has owned and operated a ice-cream truck that she would drive around with other vendors going from event to event. Now, instead of looking for a water and power hookup whenever she wants to open, Carson said she will enjoy just hitting a light switch. “Orphan Angie’s has come off the road,” she said.

Carson plans on keeping her menu simple in the beginning. She plans on offering a selection of soft serve ice cream, milkshakes, ice cream floats, sundaes and a variety of hot food options. Customers may also choose from burgers, hot dogs, chicken tenders and other “classics.”

Through her years of traveling to different communities, Carson found that certain areas have different appetites.

“You go to one town and peanut butter milkshakes sell like crazy,” she said, “But you move to the next town over and the peanut butter doesn’t sell at all, they prefer a different flavor.”

Carson asks that when customers visit her establishment, they take the time to talk to her and tell her what they want. “I want to learn what this area wants. I can bring anything, even a ferris wheel,” she said.

Food and cold treats are not the only thing Carson is bringing to the community. Her mobile operation had a focus on charity and “always giving back to the community.”

When many fairs and festivals were canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Carson took her truck to volunteer fire departments, schools and churches to help them raise money.

“If you support a community they will support you back,” she said.

Orphan Angie’s is open from 11 a,m, to 7 p.m. seven days-a-week. As the location is built for seasonal businesses, Carson plans to keep her establishment open until Halloween, although that will depend on the weather.

To reach Carson at Orphan Angie’s, call (814) 775-0023.

Dvorkin can be reached by email at Gdvorkin@titusvilleherald.com.

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