Free Enterprise Luncheon

At the podium, Chris Fiely, president of the Titusville Rotary Club,  speaks to those who attended the Tuesday’s Free Enterprise Luncheon.

Titusville Rotary Club members and guests of the local business community met on Tuesday to hear from motivational speaker Felicia Mycyk at the 2022 Annual Free Enterprise Luncheon.

The event had previously been the Rotary’s part of Chamber Month, but has since become a stand alone event allowing business leaders to hear from experts in various fields.

While no longer part of Chamber Month, the luncheon is a joint venture by the Titusville Rotary Club and the Titusville Area Chamber of Commerce. According to Chris Fiely, president of the Rotary Club, the purpose of the event “is joining business and community leaders to celebrate our country’s economic system and learn from guest speakers.”

Past speakers have been economists, marketing consultants and social media experts. Fiely said when it comes time to book a speaker, he tries to get a diverse group of experts who can help business leaders grow. When it came to Mycyk, Fiely said she is a business teacher and the type of person who does a lot of public speaking. “When it came time to choose, I knew I wanted her to speak,” he said.

Owning and running businesses can be a stressful endeavor. Tuesday’s talk did not offer any insights on how to run a business, but how to run yourself.

Mycyk is a recent cancer surivivor who spoke about how to achieve self-leadership and discipline. Mycyk was supposed to come and speak with the group in person, but due to unforeseen circumstances appeared virtually to give her talk.

Mycyk is a coach, mother, rotarian, public speaker and businesswoman. She started by talking about one of the worst moments of her life, the moment she was told she had cancer.

Since her diagnosis Mycyk has looked at people differently. “When you run into people you can’t tell if they are undergoing a battle,” she said.

During her time fighting cancer, Mycyk found herself being exhausted. “Chemo kicked my butt,” she said.

Through this fight she tried to manage her energy, and told the group about the types of energy that everyone has physical, emotional, and spiritual. She asked the group to take some time and do a personal audit, and think about what energy means to them. After the group said not being tired, she explained that energy means so much more.

She explained that if one of the different types of energy gets out of balance, it can have negative consequences. “You have to find a balance and find what is depleting you,” she said. She also warned against wasting energy, as wasting it is expensive.

The first energy discussed was physical, or health. She explained that ways to improve physical energy are nutrition and exercise. Even just sitting for long periods of time can take a toll, and reminded everyone to stand and stretch every so often.

The next energy discussed was emotional energy, what she described as “overall happiness.” Work stress, reading the news and going on social media are all things that can deplete emotional happiness.

She explained that making meaningful connections can help. Deep breathing, taking a break and helping others can also keep emotional energy in balance.

The last energy was spiritual energy, or someone’s purpose and sense of meaning. Mycyk said that when depleted, it is important to take time to think as a person about what someone should really want and value.

She left the group with an important task, to rethink how they look at energy and time.

“You cannot be who you want to be if you don’t take time and see how you manage your personal energy,” she said.

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