OIL CREEK TOWNSHIP, Crawford County — There were few changes from 2020, as Oil Creek Township supervisors held their reorganization meeting on Monday.

The township was among a long list of municipalities that gathered to select leaders, committee members and set wages and rates for the upcoming year.

In unanimous action, Ken Tracey was appointed supervisor chairman. Dave Christy accepted the position of vice chairman and Brian Mangel is road master.

April Averill was reappointed township secretary, treasurer, zoning officer and planning commission secretary.

Appointments of part-time personnel were tabled, as the availability of former employees for seasonal work was uncertain. The rate of pay for the positions was maintained at $13-$14 per hour, based on skill level.

Compensation for Averill remained the same at $18.50 per hour, according to the agenda provided.

Appointments to various boards and committees also remained same as the previous year. One committee remains vacant, as nobody has expressed an interest, according to Averill.

The Agriculture Security Area Advisory Committee has a vacancy. The committee typically meets once every five years. The committee member would serve on behalf of farmers, according to Averill.

The compensation for the elected/appointed tax collector remained the same at 5%.

Mileage reimbursement was set at 56 cents-per-mile in agreement with rates established by the Internal Revenue Service.

Mangel agreed to serve as the representative for the township planning commission, with Tracey as alternate. The pair will also serve in the same positions for the zoning hearing board.

Christy will serve as the representative for the  Agriculture Security Area Advisory Committee.

Tracey will serve as the representative for the Oil Region Joint Sewage Agency, with Mangel as alternate.

Averill will represent the township for the Titusville Area Chamber of Commerce Transportation Committee, with Mangel as alternate.

Christy will serve as representative to the Hydetown Volunteer Fire Department.

Jeff Presto was reappointed representative for the Pleasantville Volunteer Fire Department.

Supervisors reappointed Randy Wescoat as representative for Greenwood and Shelmadine cemeteries.


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