Titusville City Council approved a new program and several special events at its regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday night.

The City unanimously approved the second reading of the Titusville Rental Licensing Program, although Mayor Jon Crouch and Councilman David Shambaugh were not in attendance.

The City also approved the sale of a building, which will fill up some downtown store-front space.

After months of deliberation and compromise, City Council approved the new Titusville Rental Licensing Program. The program will go into effect on Sept. 1.

In a statement read to those in attendance, Crouch noted that this was not passed “without controversy.” He believes the program is in the best interest of Titusville.

“Overall the intent is to better the town,” said Crouch.

With the passage, Titusville now has a licensing and inspection program incorporating minimum standards for rental dwellings, the ordinance read.

Council noted that those who opt into the program before Feb. 28, 2022 will have their first bi-annual inspection fee waived. The program requires that landlords in the City pay $100 bi-annually to have a license, while also requiring that their properties be inspected, for a fee, to make sure they are up to City code.

Council heard from City Manager Neil Fratus about progress on various City projects.

During his manager’s report, Fratus informed council members that the City has successfully sold the former Day Building. The City sold the 108-112 Franklin Street property to Baby Bee Ultrasound and Boutique LLC. Fratus said that the company plans to operate a business at that location and that construction may start as soon as this week.

Fratus also gave various updates on work and potential funding that could come to the Ed Myer Complex. Fratus said that work on pouring concrete for the Drake Well BMX park will start this week. This project is a collaboration between the BMX track and the City.

City public works crews are doing much of the labor, while CJ Kirvan and Oil Creek Plastics donated the funds needed to pay for the materials.

The City has applied for 2021 AARP Community Challenge Grants. According to Fratus, the program is supposed to help communities make improvements to benefit in both the short and long term.

The City has applied for $116,000 to pay for a number of improvements it would like to carry out at the facility. These include bleachers for fields, a playground, benches and shade and a new pickle ball system.

Fratus believes these improvements would allow “the public of all ages” to enjoy the complex. The City also took down three trees and removed brush from the area to to showcase the Ed Myer Complex.

Fratus finished his report announcing that the City had installed four new school crossing signs at problem intersections near the middle and high schools.

Fratus said that Police Chief Dustin LeGoullon had reported that in the short time they have been up that traffic at the intersections have slowed their speeds. “They’re already making a difference,” LeGoullon said.

Council heard from various City organizations that wished to host special events in Titusville this summer.

First up was the Titusville Historical Society, which asked that its Titusville Areas WWI Soldiers KIA (killed in action) event be approved. Council approved the event unanimously. The event will take place on Memorial Day, May, 29, at the memorial section of Schiede Park. The society will read the names of the 19 men who were killed during the war. There will also be a 21-gun salute andplaying of Taps.

Due to social distancing and theatre renovations, the Erie Philharmonic is looking to play outdoor concerts this summer. The council asked that a concert from the Philharmonic be approved for Monday, July 12. The event, which was approved and will take place at the Ed Myer complex. It is free to attend. It was said that the Scheide Park gazebo would not provide enough space for the orchestra.

The Titusville Chamber of Commerce is bringing back an old event. The chamber asked that council approve its special event to bring back Sidewalk Sales. Sidewalk Sales used to take place the week of Oil Fest, where local businesses would sell some of their older and mismatched goods on the sidewalks outside their business.

Chamber Executive Director Darlene "Boo" Maginnis presented the idea to council and said she had heard “positive comments” from those who she had talked to. The new Sidewalk Sales would take place before Oil Fest, on June 4 and 5. The event was approved and Councilman CJ Kirvan suggested that it be expanded to the week of Oil Fest, as in prior years.

Meeting notes

—The Council on the Arts recieved approval for use of the Burgess Park Activities Center for a summer arts camp. The camp will run from Aug 3 – 5, and will be socially distanced and outdoors.

—Hairapy 101 Salon, located on S. Franklin Street, received initial approval for $8,731 of Small Business Assistance. The County will have to approve the relief before it is given.

Dvorkin can be reached by email at Gdvorkin@titusvilleherald.com.

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