Voting at the Y

Gary Thornton Jr. (left) and Linda Thomas vote at the Titusville YMCA on Tuesday. The two voters were among hundreds in Titusville who converged on the YMCA to participate in the 2021 General Election.

Titusville citizens and area residents flocked to polling locations across the area on Tuesday to vote in the 2021 General Election.

With no national or major state races on the ballot, the focus for many voters was on local and municipal elections. With a large amount of write-in campaigns in the mix, it could be a while before voters find out the results of the various races.

After last year’s Presidential Election, where turnout was through the roof, turnout for this year’s election was expected to be far less.

As of press time, approximately 556 voters cast their ballots in-person in Titusville. Ginger McCann, judge of elections for Titusville’s Third Ward, said she was surprised to see such a turnout for an off year election.

“It is certainly more than I expected for local races. I’m surprised people care so much about the local issues,” she said. Even though their ballots have been received, voters won’t find out the results until later.

Crawford County Commissioner Christopher Soff spoke to The Herald on election day and said that the commissioners started scanning in both mail-in and absentee ballots as soon as the polls closed. This process will take several days.

After the ballots have been scanned, the commissioners will go through the process of adjudicating ballots, offering formal judgement on disputed votes. With so many write-in campaigns across the county, Soff said this process could take some time.

“It doesn’t matter where the race is,” said Soff. “Write-ins take a long time to count.”

The commissioners will work on counting and adjudicating votes daily from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. While they want to deliver results to citizens in a timely manner, that isn’t their priority.

“We always strive for accuracy ahead of speed and quickness,” said Soff.

In Titusville, voters weighed in looking to fill four seats on city council. With only one name on the ballot, Sara Jones, the other three seats will be filled with write-in candidates.

As of print-time, according to voter rolls, Jones had received 240 votes. There were various candidates who mounted write-ins. Signs seen around town said that Deputy Mayor William McCrillis, James Elliott, Chad Covell, Jason Drake and Sam Logsdon all sought election.

An unofficial total of 1,046 write-in ballots were received for the other three two and four-year council seats.

Titusville voters had the choice of four candidates to fill four positions on the Titusville Area School District Board of School Directors. Three of the candidates are running for re-election, and there is one newcomer, Monica Chatham.

The four candidates received votes as follows: Kevin O’Neill, 412; Monica Chatham, 369 votes; James Come, 367 votes; Jeffrey Thomas, 377 votes.

Voters in the PENNCREST School District area took to the polls to decide who will fill the four open seats on the school board. There were five candidates on the ballot, and The Herald was aware of one write-in campaign.

The top vote getter was Theresa Croll, who received 1,459 votes. Croll was followed by Mathew Vogt, who received 1,372 votes, Robert Johnston with 1,475 votes and Brian Lynch with 1,276 votes. These four candidates received the most votes for the four seats. Fifth in the voting was Robert Gulick with 636 votes. There were 407 write-in votes.

Unofficial election results are posted periodically on the Crawford County website. As the commissioners scan in and adjudicate more ballots, the results will be updated on the site.

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