Stepahnie Keebler  appointed to role  in special meeting vote

Newly appointed Titusville Area School District Superintendent Stephanie Keebler, right, shakes hands with School Board President Lynn Cressman at a special meeting on Thursday. Keebler was confirmed for the role in a unanimous vote following an announcement last month.

In a special meeting on Thursday, the Titusville Area School Board approved the appointment of Stephanie Keebler as the district’s new superintendent, replacing the outgoing Karen Jez.

Needing only a little more than three minutes to accomplish their task, the board unanimously voted in Keebler’s favor, also approving her resignation from her previous position as director of federal programs. The vote brought on a round of applause from a crowd of Keebler’s friends, family and coworkers, who were in attendance.

“I’m grateful for the support of the board as I transition into this position,” Keebler said. “I look forward to working with the board and the Titusville School District family.”

Members of the school board, alongside Business Manager Shawn Sampson, shook hands with Keebler at the close of the meeting and congratulated her.

“We’re delighted to have Stephanie as our superintendent of schools,” Board President Lynn Cressman said.

The appointment, which lasts for a four year term, brings to an end a long selection process which began in January, according to Cressman. Jez, the current superintendent, announced her plans to retire at the end of the school year in November. Cressman said that the board received 18 applications to the role of superintendent, though the majority of them came from outside the district. The board announced on April 23 that they were considering Keebler for the position.

Keebler has worked as the district’s director of federal programs since last year. Before that, she servedthe principal at Titusville High School before that from 2006 to 2013, and then became principal at Main Street Elementary until 2018.

She said that she wishes to meet with the district’s “stakeholders” to learn their concerns, as well as the strengths of TASD, before moving forward with an action plan for how she’ll take the district forward.

“I think I have more to offer the Titusville Area School District in this position, and I’m excited about the direction of our vision,” Keebler said.

Before joining with TASD, Keebler worked as an elementary Spanish teacher in the Clarion Area School District from 2000 to 2006. She has a degree in Spanish from Clarion University of Pennsylvania, with minors in French, international business and Spanish education. She holds a master’s degree in education from Gannon University of Pennsylvania, with a specialization in curriculum and instruction. She also received her principal certification K-12 and superintendent certification from Gannon as well.

Cressman told The Herald that she hopes Keebler’s tenure as superintendent will be a long one, as the board can approve extensions on her appointment once the initial four year term is up.

Keebler’s appointment is effective July 1, the same as Jez’s last day. Jez has filled the role of superintendent at TASD for the past 12 years.

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(3) comments


Noah, cool your jets. I’m certain that she will be moving to Titusville. All of our other superintendents have lived in the district. I can’t believe that the school board would allow her to reside in another district. That would just be dumb on their part.

Noahs Bark

And where do her school tax dollars go.... that’s right! Her hometown of Oil City!!!! That’s right Our new “Super” resides in Oil City. The money she earns from the TASD... our tax dollars... yes... what you and I pay each year, will go to help the students of the Oil City School District. Let me say that again. Out tax dollars are being spent helping Oil City students and not ours. Nice job school board! Way to look out for our hard earned money!


Mazol Tov. She will be very successful in this position.

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