Crawford County Deputy Sheriff Neil Fratus announced his resignation on Tuesday, though said he would continue to seek the office of sheriff.

According to a press release sent out by Fratus, he decided to retire due to an alleged increasingly partisan atmosphere that he said has prevented him from serving in his current role.

“Due to circumstances outside of my control, the dynamic of the office changed after the announcement of Deputy (David) Powers’ intent to run for the position of Sheriff,” Fratus said. “The change in the office dynamic from that point on escalated to a point that does not allow me to fulfill the duties of chief deputy.”

Fratus had announced his candidacy for Crawford County Sheriff on the Republican in December 2018, and ran unopposed for most of that time. Powers entered the race in March, only two months before the election.

However, Powers would go on to win the nomination, based off of unofficial tallies by Crawford County Voter Services. According to their count, Powers received 4,095 votes, only a little more than 100 ahead of Fratus’ 3,981. There were only 12 write-in votes in the race.

Fratus said that conflicts during the race led to difficulties within the sheriff’s office.

“As clear as this divide is within the current office, I believe that this poses a concern for safety while deputies are in the field,” he said. “It is clear that people struggle to separate work from political agendas.”

Fratus also alleged that current Crawford County Sheriff Nike Hoke “only (addresses) interoffice workings via letters to the editor.”

While stepping down from his job, Fratus said he would carry on with seeking the sheriff’s office.

On his official campaign Facebook page, Fratus said there are still more than 400 absentee ballots that could sway the election on the Republican side.

“I am confident that in the next week or two the will of the voters will speak for the people of this county and the process will allow that,” he said. “If the will of the voters is to see my candidacy through to November, I will fight to get back to what I have currently lost.”

However, Fratus did express regrets for the resignation from a career has has held for 13 years.

While Fratus currently has a disadvantage in the Republican race, it is possible he could receive the nomination for the Democratic ticket.

While no official candidates ran on that ballot, the Democratic race saw 1,209 write-in votes cast.

The exact distribution of those write-in votes is currently not known to The Herald.

Voter Services is in the process of tabulating the votes, and estimate that official results will be released in around two weeks.

Should Fratus win the Democratic nomination, he would face off against Powers in the general election in November.

Both men are seeking to replace Hoke, who announced he would not seek re-election last year.

Powers previously served in the Meadville City Police Department from 1990 to 2012 before joining the sheriff’s office.

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I voted for Mr. Fratus and am disappointed that he did not win, but I am glad that he has resigned. No he will have more time to spend doing important work like tracking down Bigfoot in the woods of Crawford County. We have plenty of evidence and are right on its trail. With Mr. Fratus on our team we can't lose. By hook or by crook we're going to prove without a doubt to the rest of the world what we already know. Sasquatch is real and is here in Crawford County!

Noahs Bark

I was going to say the same thing!


I couldn’t agree more with you Jahoba. You hit the nail right on the head.


Yes, yes, I do most certainly aver and concur that these more dangerous thunderstorms in forecast with flash flooding, hail, tornado possible Wednesday are getting old, but please remember, I avow, accede and agree, not to mention proffer, posit and postulate, that this insidious Rothschild global cabal (The Cooperative), in conjunction with The Order of the Friars of St. Francis of Wycombe, engineered and orchestrated plot to program and prepare the masses for assisted migration is merely part of their diabolical overall plan. Track the psychotropic magnetar generated chemtrails and watch what happens, each time, every time. Those that think these geo-engineering activities are the result of global warming or whatever the media, aka the mouthpiece of the ruling class, manipulate the masses to believe are not paying attention. This directed and malicious meteorological activity is designed and implemented by the ruling class at the behest of The Order Of The Second Circle via the reconfiguration of dark energy and anti-matter with a cosmic forevertron to herd the sheep on the Trans-Slambovian Bi-Polar Express to their new homes in urban “settlement zones” in order to subjugate the masses and clear the path for the grand estates of the elites. Those that have access to a comprehensive necronomicon will have the ability to connect the dots and will truly get it.

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