Emma Waddell

Emma Waddell, 7, of Townville, stands next to her budding new business. The young entrepreneur sells stalks of corn as Halloween decorations for $4 a bundle on the roadside of the Apple Shamrock Dairy Farm.

Emma Waddell is a seven-year-old girl who lives with her family at the Apple Shamrock Dairy Farm near Townville.

As the fields across from her house were being cut, her mother had an idea for how she could earn an extra allowance, cut down the extra corn stalks and sell them as decorations. “My mom told me I should do it,” said Emma as she stood next to her stalks. This is her first business idea, but it certainly won’t be the last.

Emma’s mom, Hayley, wanted to teach her daughter about the value of hard work. Emma currently has a toy that she desperately wants. “Its a Barbie set,” said Emma. “The set has two babies and a doctor.”

When Emma asked her mom to buy it for her, her mother had a different idea. “I told her she needs to cut down the stalks before they put manure in the field,” Hayley said.

Emma spent hours hard at work in the corn fields cutting the bottom of the remaining stalks. Emma is used to the work, she helps her parents with chores around the farm “all the time.”

Her favorite chore is feeding the animals. When asked if she gets paid to do her chores, Emma responded with a resounding “no.” Her mother made sure to tell Emma “not to get any ideas.”

While her mom put up a social mediapost about Emma’s corn stalks, she is currently keeping the business within the family. “I’ve sold one to my grandma, and one to my papa,” Emma said.

Interested parties can pull over at the Apple Shamrock farmhouse on Guys Mills Road. Emma’s stalks are resting against the big tree in the front lawn, there is a plastic container for people to leave their $4.

When asked what she wants to be when she grows up, Emma responded that she wants to be a horseback rider. When Emma isn’t playing or working on her business, she loves to lead show cows. This summer Emma participated in the Western Pennsylvania Champ Show at the fairgrounds. She placed sixth.

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