Sunset Park Entrance

City Officials hosted an event Saturday at Sunset Park to talk about how they might revitalize the park.

When there’s a need to brainstorm and the topic is revitalization of a recreation space, what better brains to storm with than young ones.

A group of young people with big ideas got the chance to share their vision of the future of Sunset Heights Park with Titusville City officials on Saturday. A community gathering was held at the park.

Neighborhood residents and City officials gathered under a pavilion with fresh gravel and picnic tables, as they gobbled up fresh-off-the-grill hot dogs and came up with some ideas for the once-neglected space.

The pavilion had walls until recently. Those walls were filled with graffiti and offensive words, so they came down, according to City Manager Neil Fratus.

The neighboring field had not been mowed for approximately 10 years, Fratus added.

As about a half dozen young people gathered around a picnic table with Titusville Mayor Dennis Peden, the ideas gushed out of their creative minds.

One suggested a soccer field. Another wanted monkey bars. There was a desire for a petting zoo. And what’s a park without a lake and fish? All that activity might leave someone famished, so adding in an ice cream stand seemed like a sensible idea.

City Council Member Bill McCrillis asked the neighborhood residents if they would be willing to help keep an eye on the park to prevent any vandalism like what was found on the walls of the pavilion.

They all seemed eager to pitch in and care for what could become a place to enjoy for years to come. One young resident of the neighborhood suggested a need for garbage cans.

Jamey Bush, a nearby resident who has advocated for revitalization of the park, was moved by the suggestions and the interaction.

“This is exactly what I had hoped for,” she said as the kids came up with a myriad of ideas.“We want to do this for them.”

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Were the photos that accompanied several stories stock or current? If they are current, it is disturbing that only one person in the photo at Sunset Heights Park donned a mask. In another story, Detective Tim Russell is seen hugging a child void of a mask, showing the Police Department’s disregard for public safety. I question the leadership for allowing public servants to interact with the community in a manner that clearly goes against recommendations of Medical Professionals. In a community that is cash strapped and appears to be in the midst of a declining revenue stream the leaders should be concerned with the ramifications associated with not enforcing the wearing of PPE. Heaven forbid if a First Responder succumbs to Covid it could be ruled a LODD and the Town held responsible for not protecting them from a known hazard. Food for Thought

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