Chalk it up to a win

Tyler Schenberg (right) and his sister, Lahna, created works of chalk art in honor of the Titusville High School Class of 2020 on Thursday. ‘Chalk our Block’ took place outside the high school.

If you have the opportunity to walk around Titusville High School in the coming days you may be amused, inspired and even amazed at the artwork created on the sidewalk.

“Chalk our Block” took place on Thursday. Pennsylvania State Police and the Titusville Area School District partnered to bring an event, that was met with lots of enthusiasm in Erie, to Titusville. The event provided a way to get out of the house and create encouraging messages for the 2020 Titusville High School graduates.

Individuals, friends and families arrived, most with their own chalk, and roamed around to find the perfect spot for their design.

Tyler and Lahna Schenberg were two of the first to get started in front of the school’s main entrance. Their sister is a member of the senior class.

Tyler graduated from the high school a few years ago. He admitted that he “did some art in high school.”

His talent was crystal clear as he combined colors and worked them together with his fingers to get the shading just right.

Lahna created a graduation cap with a tassel near her brother’s masterpiece. She then moved to his left to add to the artwork.

Members of the Titusville Fire Department admired the “chalk art” but admitted they were not there to create art. Their mission was to inspire with words.

The firemen got busy filling the sidewalk with messages. “Be Kind,” “Stay Weird” and even a quote from Yoda — “Do or Do Not: There is no Try” — will greet anyone approaching the school.

The Brown family got in on the action also. They called the event a “field trip art class.” It gave them the chance to get out of the house during what they called “crazy times.”

They were excited to support the senior class and speculated about future graduation traditions.

While some people may not be happy with non-traditional graduation ceremonies taking place this year, they were happy with all of the events the Titusville Area School District has arranged to celebrate this year. 

They noted that in the past ceremonies were limited to those who could attend. The virtual experience has been a hit with their family.


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