No Shave November

Pictured from right to left are Titusville Police officers; Jason Bean, Shane Slagle, Robert Anderson and Dave Brooks, as they show off their November beards. These officers donated $20 to local charities so they could grow out their beards for ‘No Shave November.’

By Garrett Dvorkin

Herald Staff Reporter

The Titusville Police Department has detained their shaving cream and other grooming supplies to participate in the national “No Shave November.”

Also known as “Movember,” it is typical for men across the United States to grow out their best beards in support of men’s health and cancer awareness. Most other professions, however, don’t have department rules against the growing of facial hair. When asked how the event came to the Titusville Police, officer Bob Anderson pointed to Chief Dustin LeGoullon. “We got a new chief and wanted to start something new,” said Anderson.

LeGoullon let the officers participate in the event, but only if they made a contribution to local charity. This year, the officers decided to donate $20 each to Associated Charities of Titusville.

While typically “No Shave November” donations go to national cancer charities, LeGoullon thought it would mean more if the department kept the donations local.

Beards have swept the department as eight of the 11 Titusville Police Department employees have decided to participate. Some even feel that the policy should be expanded.

Anderson, who joined the Titusville Police from correctional facilities, said he would pay $50 a month to charity if he was allowed to keep his beard year-round. “A lot of us would like to have it expanded,” said Anderson.

Anderson, who had a beard for years before working for the Titusville Police, was told to shave his beard the day he signed his contract with the force. Years of being clean-shaven have not made Anderson forget years of beard care and maintenance.

For anyone else growing a beard this November, Anderson hopes they don’t get discouraged with their first attempt. “Let it grow over time, let it really mature,” he said. “You need patience. Don’t be discouraged with what first grows.”

Anderson also said to make sure to use beard oil, as the oil will soften the beard and take away the itch. Anderson recommends not washing your beard with shampoo daily, and not to treat it like regular hair.

Officer Shane Slagle said his wife has him use almond butter soap on the skin underneath the beard. Anderson and others made sure to clarify that the almond butter recommendation should not be included in their beard tips.

Dvorkin can be reached by email at

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I just wish there were more officers on the police force that could participate. This department is severely underfunded and need desperate help. The officers that are on the force do a great job, despite what others say. Another homerun for the Titusville Police Department!

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