The Community Blood Bank will hold a blood drive in Titusville on April 29. 

The need for blood donations is constant throughout the year despite the COVID-19 pandemic continuing. The Community Blood Bank is urging all donors to make an appointment before attending blood drives in order to adhere to social distancing and limit the number of donors at the blood collection location. 

All donors are also required to wear a facial covering to the blood drive. A facial covering can include a mask, scarf, bandanna or other type of covering. 

A blood drive will be held on Wednesday, April 29 from noon to 5 p.m. in the gymnasium of the Titusville YMCA, 505 W. Walnut St., Titusville.

All precautionary measures will be taken to ensure a safe and healthy environment for all donors, staff and volunteers. Those precautionary measures include; all staff members are wearing masks, temperatures of all personnel at the blood collection location are taken prior to entering the blood drive, extra sanitation measures are taken in between every donor and the chairs and collection beds are spread further apart. 

As the exclusive local blood supplier to the Titusville Area Hospital, donating blood and maintaining an adequate blood supply is essential for the safety and well-being of the local community. 

It is imperative that healthy individuals continue to donate to minimize disruptions to the blood supply and ensure blood is available for patients in need. 

Donors should call Shari Jerman at (814) 688-3696 to schedule an appointment.

“The turnout since the beginning of the COVID-19 has been amazing,” said CBB Community Relations Specialist Jaclyn Seymour. “However, the need for blood is constant every day no matter what. It is essential we maintain an adequate blood supply for premature babies being born, those who are living with or battling illnesses and rely on platelets for their treatments or for those who may experience and accident or trauma that requires a life-saving blood transfusion.” 

Blood collection activities are not considered mass gatherings. They occur in a controlled environment with a healthy population. 

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