Daddy - Daughter Dance was delightful

The joint was jumping at the Titusville YWCA on Friday as young ladies and their dates attended the Dad-Daughter Dance.

The gym floor of the YWCA in Titusville was squeaking on Friday night as fancy shoes tapped and swirled to favorite songs of both the young ladies and their grown-up dates.

It was the annual Dad-Daughter Dance. You didn’t have to be a dad to spend the evening moving and shaking it with your favorite girl. You didn’t even have to be a date to just one girl. Spending time on the dance floor was the only requirement.

Two of the first to cut the rug were Jeff Hanlon and his daughter, Piper. Piper spun, dipped and even flew above her dad’s head a few times. The pair disagreed about how many times they’ve attended the dance. Jeff’s a seasoned-pro at the event. He’s attended with Piper’s older sister in the past. Piper, dressed in red sequins, said it was the funnest night of the year.

Even though it’s nearly impossible to sit when Farrell Williams sings “Happy,” there were chairs along the wall and the chance to have photos taken. The snack room seemed quite popular also.

There were lots of surprises in store as the evening went on. Balloons were dropped from above the dance floor. Special dances, like the stroll, were part of the fun too.

Not to be outdone, The YWCA has a Mom-Son Dance planned for Feb. 28.

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