Fat Chad

Chad Covell, owner and operator of Fat Chad’s Tap and Steakhouse, poses next to the restaurant’s brewing equipment. Fat Chad’s will soon begin the process of obtaining a brewery license. Covell plans to open the restaurant on Wednesday, March 31.

By Garrett Dvorkin

Herald Staff Reporter

Those who enjoy good cuts of steak, home-brewed beer and supporting Titusville entrepreneurs will be glad to know that a new restaurant intends to fulfill those wishes. Fat Chad’s Tap and Steakhouse will be open for business next week.

Chad Covell, formerly of Boonies, is taking years of knowledge with him as he opens his new restaurant. Covell is excited to build up his clientele in Titusville, including people he has known for many years. He plans to keep them coming back with good food and a friendly environment.

Covell was happy to announce that since the last time he spoke to The Herald, plans have changed a bit. Fat Chad’s will soon be starting the process of obtaining a brewery license.

Covell hopes to brew beers to “provide a good drink for everyone to enjoy.”

Before he gets the license, his drink menu will feature local and Pennsylvania beverages and spirits when possible. Covell plans to have local microbrews and products from local wineries and distilleries.

The drinks aren’t the only part of the new restaurant with a local feel. Those who have seen the new menu, which has been posted on the eatery’s Facebook page, may notice dishes like The Mayor T-Bone and Louis Lipps Beef Tips.

Covell named the cut of beef after friend and supporter of the restaurant, Titusville Mayor Jon Crouch. The beef tips came from a conversation Covell had with former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver and friend Louis Lipps.

When on the phone discussing the menu, Covell said the name for the beef tips really rolled off the tongue. “He approves and is very excited to be on the menu,” said Covell.

Besides the celebrity and local names, Covell feels his menu differentiates itself from other local eateries. “I tried to put items on the menu that aren’t available anywhere else in town,” he said.

In that venture to provide something different, Covell announced that every Saturday Fat Chad’s will have a wild game night, featuring meats like Bison, Elk and other selections not always found on a typical menu.

“It’s outside the box and a little risky,” said Covell when asked about opening a restaurant in the midst of a global pandemic.

He is confident that his food and service will help Fat Chad’s shine and stand out. “Everyone has to eat, pandemic or not,” he said.

Fat Chad’s is not the first restaurant to open at the downtown brewery location at 133 South Franklin Street. While other restaurants have failed to stay open, Covell believes that Fat Chad’s will be the exception.

“We are going to run things differently,” he said. Unlike previous establishments, he wants to open a restaurant first and then deal with the beer and liquor later.

With his new menu and monthly celebrity appearances, Covell is ready to open the doors and start cooking for those in Titusville who want a nice meal.

The restaurant has also made some changes to the interior. Beside the many acoustic panels are trophies from Covell’s hunting trips.

Covell said that every animal on the wall has a good story behind it and that patrons are welcome to ask him what that story is while enjoying their meals.

Dvorkin can be reached by email at Gdvorkin@titusvilleherald.com.

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