Titusville Middle School got more math in Pa.

Elizabeth Watkins, a seventh grade Titusville Middle School Student, was one of the top 8 point scorers in a national math education program, ‘Get More Math.’ Additionally, TMS was recognized last month as the highest point achieving school in the country.

The Herald

Titusville Middle School (TMS) math students made their time count this year, according to Adam Preston, math teacher at the school.

Math classes at TMS use a computer program called Get More Math, Preston said. It was founded and developed by a Pennsylvania math teacher named Josh Britton. He shared the program with his colleagues and they liked it so much they convinced him to turn it into a company. 

Get More Math spread quickly across Pennsylvania schools and the nation. Last month Get More Math shared a message on its Facebook page that Titusville Middle School was the school that had earned the most Get More Math points in the country.

Students earn points by correctly answering math problems on their first try. Problems cover all of the Common Core math standards and are available in every grade level, as well as many high school courses. 

“All of the math teachers at TMS are very proud of the hard work and dedication that the students of TMS displayed in achieving this accomplishment this school year,” Preston said. “In addition, seventh grade student Elizabeth Watkins was given a special achievement award for earning over 50,000 Get More Math points this school year. This is an amazing feat, as the next highest point earner in the middle school had just over 10,000 points for the year. Elizabeth was also one of the top eight Get More Math point earners in the country, a group that includes many elementary students who used Get More Math to learn their math facts. All of Elizabeth’s points were earned in the more difficult problems covered following the Common Core standards.”

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