Tiger parents’ pride shines

TOWNVILLE — If you’ve had the good fortune to drive through Townville recently, you’ve witnessed a beautiful tribute to the Maplewood High School Class of 2020.

If you haven’t traveled this route, the experience should not be missed.

Personalized banners complete with photos and names of each member of the senior class line the street as you travel through town. At first glance, the banners seem to go on forever.

Tammy Peiffley got the idea, and with the help of friends and others in the community, the idea came to fruition.

“This idea came to me when Governor Wolf closed school for the remainder of the year due to COVID-19,” Peiffley said. “I had seen signs of other schools honoring their spring senior athletes who wouldn’t be able to play. I thought, this is about more than just the spring athlete’s, it affects the entire graduating class of 2020.”

So Peiffley got the ball rolling. “I reached out to two other senior moms, Kathleen Wheelock, mother of Sean Wheelock, and Joy Butryn, mother of Levi Butryn.” Peiffley’s son is Cameron Ward.

“We contacted another senior mom, Jamie Schutz, mom of Weston Schutz, to make the banners,” she said. “With their help, we contacted every parent. Each parent paid for their student’s banner.”

Financial concerns were also accounted for, according to Peiffley.

“We had sponsor’s if someone had financial hardships due to COVID-19,” she said. “Meadville Home Depot donated the conduit and 2x4’s for the frames.” 

“We put the banners up on May 20 and they will remain up until after graduation on June 5,” she said. “The Townville Borough residents were honored to host our seniors on their front lawns.” 

The banners have even earned a personal caretaker. “Jim Wheelock, grandfather of Sean Wheelock. who is a borough resident has gone out every morning since the banners have been up and makes sure they are straight and not damaged,” she said.


Drumm can be reached by email at ldrumm@titusvilleherald.com.

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