Tilley Fox and her mom, Emma, work on their submission for the Great Benson Bake Off. Entries should be submitted to the Benson Memorial Library Facebook event by Friday.

“On your mark, get set … bake!” is a phrase that’s familiar to fans of the Netflix show “Great British Bake Off.” The show was one of the first to return to production after the COVID-19 pandemic stymied the production of American’s television and film.

To celebrate the new episodes, Benson Memorial Library will host their own “Great Benson Bake Off” every two weeks starting this Friday. Local bakers, enthusiasts of the show, or anyone who enjoys eating tasty treats can post photos and recipes of their creations to the event’s Facebook page.

The theme of the first Benson bake off will be “cake week.” In the Great British Bake off, each episode focuses on one area of baking, think Cake Week, Pie Week, pastry week, and so on.

When asked if local bakers will be judged like those on the popular show, Jessica Hilburn, executive director for the library responded with a “no,” saying, “Kind of like the real Great British Bake Off, the real prize is the feeling of accomplishment.”

While winners of the Great British Bake Off also receive a cake stand, Hilburn said that the library will have to look into one if they bring the Great Benson Bake Off back for “another season.”

Hilburn is hoping that this event will allow for those who love baked goods to come together and maybe even learn something. “With so much going on in the world right now, The Great Benson Bake Off is the perfect opportunity to focus on something fun and tasty,” said Hilburn.

She came up with the idea while talking with other librarians online. According to Hilburn, many of her librarian friends were talking about different types of virtual events when it came to her. “The Great Benson Bake Off was then born as a virtual event where we can share our recipes and pictures of our bakes,” said Hilburn.

While the event will be held virtually in Pennsylvania, Hilburn hopes that some of the British charm associated with the show will transfer to local bakers, “Both in life and in The Great Benson Bake Off, British accents are always a plus.”

Interested bakers should go to the Benson Memorial Library Facebook page to learn more and get some ideas for their next bake.

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