PLEASANTVILLE — Pleasantville Borough Council met this week to discuss recently approved changes for the Pleasantville Recreational Baseball League.

According to Council President Harvey Long, the council met with league coaches on June 2 to begin formulating a clean plan for teams and players to return to action.

Long explained how he was initially concerned with how the recreational program would operate, but was immediately impressed with how prepared the coaches were with ideas to help keep players, coaches and fans safe.

The list of approved changes includes:

— Closed dugouts. Kids will need to provide their own lawn chairs or other seat.

— Restrooms will be open and hand sanitizer will be provided. A sign will also be posted requesting one person at a time.

— Concession stands will be open, but will only be selling pre-packaged food along with beverage options.

— There will be no T-ball tournament this year.

— No huddles of any kind.

— Kids who are considered sick must stay home. Kids who appear sick will be sent home by coaches.

— CDC guidelines will be posted at every dugout and concession stand.

— All games will be kept local, with the exception of some senior league contests.

— Baseballs will be switched every two innings.

— Players and coaches are asked to refrain from spitting and high fiving at all times.

— No sunflower seeds.

“I was very impressed,” said Long. “I look forward to seeing how it plays out.”

Additional discussion from Tuesday’s meeting included a reminder that the community clean-up day will take place Saturday, June 13. Additionally, Long commented that planning for the borough’s “200-year” celebration that is to take place in 2021 is currently delayed due to COVID-19, but had noted that everything had been running smoothly during the first couple months of the year.

Lastly, Councilwoman, Kathie McMunn advised that all drivers watch for ducks crossing the streets.

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