Patty's Breads and Pastries rises again with new owner

Since Patty Reagle opened her bakery 15 years ago, Patty’s Breads and Pastries grew a large community of bread and pastry-lovers. So, people were naturally saddened when Reagle decided to retire and put a for-sale sign in the bakery window during Labor Day weekend last year.

Despite receiving calls about the property and business, Patty’s Breads and Pastries was still for sale when Brittney Huber contacted Reagle in December. The sale closed at the end of the year, with the two working and planning to reopen the bakery in early January. 

“I got a few calls for the business, mostly for the building, actually, but I did probably get about four different people interested in the business. And then she contacted me and came to look at it. She had gone to school for culinary, so it is right up her alley,” Reagle said.

Huber had attended a one-year culinary program at Indiana University of Pennsylvania at Punxsutawney, gaining more experience through an externship.

“[Then] I came back this way and decided to do this,” Huber said.

“And you worked at a bakery there too,” Reagle interjected.

“Yes. When I was doing my schooling, I helped [start] a bakery there,” Huber said. 

Although under a new owner, Huber said that the the bakery will not be renamed.

“I am going to add different things to the menu, but everything, like the recipes and all that, is the same,” Huber said. “I am not changing any of that.” 

Reagle handed her recipes down to Huber, so all the tasty treats her customers know and love can still be enjoyed when the bakery reopens. 

“A lot of people say that they do not do that when they sell businesses, and I think, ‘What good is it gonna do the people that don’t have it anymore,’ Reagle said. “I don’t get it, but I have heard that a lot.”

In addition to selling breads and pastries in-store, Patty’s Breads and Pastries also makes custom cakes for special occasions, as well as selling bread to several businesses in the area, which Huber will continue. 

“I think people will be glad it is going to stay the same, but it is awesome that she is going to add along the way,” said Reagle.

Residents have been asking Huber and Reagle when the bakery will reopen.

“Everyone keeps asking me, ‘When are you opening?’” Reagle said happily. “They are excited.”

The bakery was inspected on Tuesday, so after a few final preparations, they hope the bakery will be ready to open on Jan. 13.

“I can’t be in here when she opens, but we are getting everything prepared and done ahead of time that we can,” Reagle said. 

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